WATCH: Connie Chiume unpacks her acting journey with Lindiwe Matlali on ‘Cocktail & Blurbs’

Connie Chiume. Picture: Instagram

Connie Chiume. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 23, 2024


Veteran award-winning actress Connie Chiume sat down with Lindiwe Matlali on her “Cocktail & Blurbs” podcast to chat about her four decades in the arts and entertainment space.

Chiume, who starred in the international award-winning movie, “Black Pather”, shared insights on a time when no drama schools existed for people of colour who wanted to act.

“During the time we started acting, there was no drama school for black people, we started during the days of apartheid, so our school was the theatre, our stage,” she told Matlali.

Following her stage career, she had the chance to move to TV.

“TV was introduced to SA, and when it started it was just TV1, which was just white people and we’d be invited just to be a background artist or maid or gardener for us as black people.”

Then came about TV2, TV3 and film, and Chuime found herself moving in between work on them.

“The scope of acting became broader, instead of just theatre. Then opportunities for film came in. You find yourself moving in between all these different genres,” she said.

The former “Rhythm City” and “Gomora” actress reminisced on her stand-out memories from acting on the shows.

She discussed how it had felt to step into the international spotlight after she had acted in “Black Panther”.

“When I did ‘Black Panther’ that was not my first international movie. I have shot a number of international movies here, but it was the first time for me to go and shoot a movie abroad.

“I don’t know how to describe it. I get goose pimples even now because of the way they do things. They have big budgets; it’s not an issue. They just want to do their best.

“I left SA with confidence, knowing that I was auditioned and I was also chosen and cast. I did not go there from an inferior position. I went there to represent my industry, South Africa and the continent,” she said.

She said that no matter how small or big the role was, she was determined to give it her best, and she had.

Watch full interview below: