WATCH: Gogo Skhotheni tells MacG she regrets some of her life decisions

Gogo Skhotheni. Picture: Instagram

Gogo Skhotheni. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 3, 2023


The newest DJ on the block, Gogo Skhotheni, whose real name is Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng, appeared on MacG’s “Podcast and Chill” to chat about everything that led to her rise to fame in South Africa.

Before becoming a sangoma ten years ago, Skhotheni says she started of as a hustler.

“I went to ‘Muvhango’ and ‘Generations’, for auditions, I went everywhere, I wanted to be an actress... I was an extra on ‘Muvhango’ for two months, then I got the Lotto adverts.”

Speaking openly, she said that she regretted joining Moja Love for her reality show, “Gogo Skhotheni on Moja Love”.

She said that she came up with plot to look for a second husband just for entertainment purposes, something she deeply regrets doing now.

“I’ve never cheated on my husband, that’s the thing, when you think your life is boring and you need to spice it up. My husband was not happy. At some point I said ‘f**k you’. It was a really serious thing, people took it very personally. People wanted to kill the other man.”

Skhotheni, who is also a traditional healer, shared her thoughts on why she thinks that there is a spike in celebrity sangomas.

“When I started my podcast, I wanted to talk about spirituality. But when I look at this thing of sangomas, there time is up... Mark my words, it’s over.

“Even people who don’t have a calling end up being sangomas. It’s no longer a spiritual thing. Being a sangoma is not a spiritual thing, but it’s a religion and people mix it for spirituality.”

She continued: “Spirituality is who you are that is connecting with the spirits you have.”

She added that a religion is a personal decision of what you chose to do with the spirituality you have.

When asked about how she feels about the increase in celebrity sangomas, Skhotheni said she felt that they were depressed.

“They were misdiagnosed and became sangomas. Anybody can become a sangoma... even if you don’t have a calling. Do you think everyone that’s a sangoma has a calling?... Thirty percent of them right now are sangomas... seventy gone, they are not.”

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