WATCH: Hlubi Nkosi drags Londie London for keeping him from seeing his children

Hlubi Nkosi accused Londie London of blocking him from seeing the kids. Picture: Instagram

Hlubi Nkosi accused Londie London of blocking him from seeing the kids. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 2, 2023


Londie London and her ex-boyfriend Hlubi Nkosi are once again making headlines.

In a recent Instagram Live video, Nkosi opened up about his situation, stating that he is unable to communicate with his children due to being blocked by the former star of “Real Housewives of Durban” (RHOD).

Despite this, he emphasised that he continues to provide financial support for his kids without interruption. Nkosi added that even though London allegedly uses the money to buy Gucci, he still pays up.

“And if I were to mention the amount of money I send monthly, you guys would be shocked. Even if she buys Gucci with it, I don’t care, but the most important thing is that I must make sure that I deposit money for my kids every month,” he added.

Nkosi was recently trolled by fans for buying a new Bentley, but he is here to reveal his side of the story and his reason behind confiscating the BMW X6 he bought for her.

“I don’t even have a space to park that car where I live. I took the car because she was going to clubs with it… I had left it for the kids, not for her to groove and fish with it,” he said.

@pinkdoll_Love shared the video to X: “Hlubi Nkosi is blocked by Londie London she doesn’t want him to have communication with his kids but he send them money every month for child support.

“He took the BMW X6 that he bought for his kids ‘cause Londie was using it for wrong purposes esiyangayo kumaClubs.”

@PGalatians67 commented: “This guy is Jealous, He saw Londie being happy with another man, now he starts talking, he’s been quiet all along.”

— P_styles_🤴 (@PGalatians67) October 31, 2023

In response, @JABBAMANN1 said: “Nah fam a desperate cookie will do anything to secure the bag even sacrifice her kids, now she’s out about on vacations with different gents why can’t she leave the kids with their Dad.”

However, many fans agreed that Nksoi is feeling salty about her moving on.

@the_mbalzieee said: “I also think uHlubi didn’t appreciate uLondie whilst she was still around manje kunzima ngoba enye inkabi imthathile 😅”, emphasizing that he didn’t appreciate her and took her for granted.

@mizzkadi: “He really didn’t and she loved him. We could all see that. All she wanted at the time was to marry him but he was too busy with other things to notice.”

— Patriotic_South African 🇿🇦 (@mizzkadi) November 1, 2023

Meanwhile, London is living her best life and seems like she can’t be bothered with this “Teenage love affair”.

leeds_kl said: “Hlubis chest is burning he thought you we’re going to beg him, he can’t believe you have moved on 😂😂😂😂 he is still talking about you in 2023 😂😂😂”