WATCH: Lerato Modise faces last minute eviction from ‘Big Brother Mzansi: S’ya Mosha’ and viewers are rejoicing

Former Big Brother Mzansi: S’yamosha housemate Lerato Modise. Picture: Instagram.

Former Big Brother Mzansi: S’yamosha housemate Lerato Modise. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 12, 2024


Be careful how you conduct yourself because sometimes the things you wish to befall others may just come back to bite you.

Former “Big Brother Mzansi: S’ya Mosha” housemate Lerato Modise got the shock of her life on the night of Monday, March 11, when she faced an urgent eviction.

She was saved from Sunday’s eviction and thought she would spend another week in the house only to be called to do a spinning challenge, which sent her home.

She had two options, to avoid eviction and make it to the finals or be evicted immediately and, unfortunately for her, the wheel landed on eviction.

It was such a sad moment having to leave her partner, Papa Ghost, with whom they shared a dislike for Yolanda.

She left with her tail between her legs because she once told Yolanda that she would still be in the Big Brother house and watch her (Yolanda) leave.

Instead, the opposite happened, and viewers are rejoicing.

@TheGyal_ commented: “The wicked couple Papa Ghost and Lerato Modise poured stinky water into Yolanda’s bag with clean clothes to provoke a reaction from her so that she gets disqualified, and guess who is evicted now???”

@Itu_MIM said: “Someone please tag Lerato’s account so I can tell her that she is the one watching Yolanda from home.”

Following her sudden eviction, Modise took to social media to thank everyone who supported her journey.

She wrote: “God's plan is always the right plan. Thank you very much to everyone who supported us. We never prepared for this eventuality.

“Please let's keep calm and be patient. We will communicate any developments as we try navigate this process. Please stay strong for Lerato Modise.”

Viewers of the show reminded her that her eviction had nothing to do with God’s plan. It was her karma for treating certain housemates badly, and even depriving them of food.

“No God's plan here. You deserved to be out you treated Mpumi and Yolanda like trash wena (you),” said @_mslefawane.

@beauchamp_lord responded: “You were so unkind. Every scene you were talking about Yolanda this, Mpumi this! Just vile. Good riddance!”

Meanwhile, Mpumi is hurt after being outed for a health condition she has no control over.

Below are more reactions around Modise’s eviction.