WATCH: MaWhoo visits ‘L-Tido’ podcast, claims Lil Wayne and Rick Ross DM’d her

Singer and model, MaWhoo. Picture: Instagram

Singer and model, MaWhoo. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 8, 2024


Amapiano singer MaWhoo has raised eyebrows after her recent podcast interview with L-Tido.

Visiting the podcast for the first time, the “Kulula” hitmaker chatted about not having a present father in her life, her affair with Hlubi Nkosi (Londie London’s ex) and how world-renowned rappers and music producers allegedly slid into her DMs.

When L-Tido asked MaWhoo if her DMs were “popping”, she responded, “Yoh, haibo, yes... I try to ignore, unless it’s business... but if you want to date, no, I don’t want that.”

“I get DM’s from big stars, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, but I’m not the one who will be like ‘Omg, Rick Ross DM’d me’, I don’t do that.

“Once DJ Snake DM’d me and said he liked my music, let’s do something together and I was like okay,” she said.

The musician also disclosed that she isn’t dating anyone right now.

She added that she also experienced women messaging months later to let her know that some of the men she was in a relationship with in fact not single.

She also said that she once had a woman threaten her life.

“Women will kill you for a man.”

Later, she set the record straight about a video clip that went viral on social media where she said she doesn’t like “boys”, but likes money, and asked for R3 million before being friends with the guy.

“One thing, every man that dates me gets obsessed about me, because I am a hard worker, I make my own money, if you give me R200 000, it’s just R200 000, thank you.

“But I am a lover, I will check on you. I don’t cheat. I make sure that you feel loved and warm and home, if you are around me. I make sure when I date, it’s someone I love.”

The amapiano star also confirmed that Nkosi loved her and was obsessed with her and that he still begs for a relationship.

“They broke up two years ago, the man loves me so much. He’s still in my DM’s. He’s still paying people to beg me,” she said.

Watch the full interview below.