WATCH: NaakMusiq reveals truth about his fight with Cassper Nyovest

NaakMusiq. Picture: Instagram

NaakMusiq. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 14, 2023


Actor and musician Anga “NaakMusiq” Makubalo sat down with 947 radio presenter, Mo Flava’s to chat about his time in the entertainment industry.

Like many up-and-coming celebrities, NaakMusiq revealed that for the first year of acting on “Generations” he didn’t save any money.

He partied every day, spending most of his income on alcohol, until it dawned on him that his contract on the show may not be renewed.

He promised himself that if it did get renewed he would change his lifestyle, and he did.

Thinking towards the future, he said: “For the longest time I was always wondered, you know when your finances start shaping up and things are going well, where to from there.

“I thought to myself that one day I’d like to venture into business, but I didn’t know what kind of business, so for many years I carried on singing and acting while figuring it out.”

Pointing out that his music career always brought in more money than acting did, he revealed that while production companies had the money, they were not prepared to pay actors their due.

“There’s this craft that you’re passionate about, but they are not paying and I don’t want to do a 9(am) to 5(pm) so I guess I’ll just take what they give me,” he said.

Later in the conversation he spoke of how the celebrity boxing match between him and rapper Cassper Nyovest came about.

“I was at the Cassper and Silk Talk fight... He was asked who was next and he mentioned Kiernan (Forbes), Prince Kaybee, and because I was in the crowd he mentioned me too... I had no beef with him so I stood up and said ‘bring it on’.

NaakMusiq said that he knew nothing about the sport and learned from scratch.

“I trained, got fit and six weeks before the fight I got a chest infection and the doctor told me I couldn’t do any training at all for four weeks.

“It’s the first time I’m talking abut it... We called the opposing team and asked if there was any way we could move it, and we just got a big fat ‘no’,” he said.

After recovering, he said that he spent the last seven days before the fight training three times a day.

“In the mornings we did a 5km run, in the afternoons we sparred and in the evenings we did drills.”

He said his coach asked him to remember everything they practised and go into the fight with heart.

“I was surprised that Cassper was huffing and puffing because he did not have a chest infection.”

Overall, he said that it was worth it and that he made “enough” money from the fight.

“It was worth the experience. It was so nice to see South Africa taking an interest in boxing. And I posted afterwards that this man (Nyovest) got the whole continent watching boxing.

“We aren’t friends, but there is no need to disrespect each other, we’re cool,” he ended.

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