WATCH: Nandi Madida shares words of encouragement to matric students

Nandi Madida. Picture: Instagram

Nandi Madida. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 19, 2024


As the 2023 matric results come out, matriculants around the country are either celebrating their pass or stressing about failing.

Taking into consideration the amount of pressure the day brings, Nandi Madida took to social media to post a video in which she offered words of encouragement to those who passed and failed.

The Africa Now Radio host said: “Congratulations to the matriculants of 2023. And when I say congratulations, I am congratulating both those who passed and failed matric.

“For those who failed, use this as an opportunity to pick yourself up and try again. Yes, you’ve learnt one of the most important skills to have in life, that is to never give up.

She went on to share how her dear friend became a top marketers in the country even though she didn’t do as well as she had hoped to during her matric year.

“She repeated her matric year, now she’s one of the top marketers in the country, so do not let that failure define you. And for those who’ve passed, congratulations, if anything, let this be an inspiration to continue to excel in all that you do.

“But yes, we will all fail in life. Life is all about ebbs and flows but do not give up. I am sending you so much love and all the best for the future, nothing is impossible, do not give up,” she ended.

Upon watching the video, a fellow follower, @sky.dimeeee, who did not pass their matric, confessed that they are having suicidal thoughts and thanked Madida for the words of encouragement.

“I don't want to lie it's hard and painful suicide has been in my mind 💔😔 but I know I can do better and I'll make it in life❤️ I know I am capable of greater things in life❤️ Thank you for the words of encouragement ❤️,” they wrote.

Madida quickly replied: “@sky.dimee my angel, you will make it in life and make yourself so proud. Never give up, life is about those who never give up ❤️. Sending you much love. Your life is so important to me and many others.”

@sky.dimeeee wrote back: “@nandi_madida it will never be easy but I'll take it as it comes😔.”

Others also sent the pupil messages of encouragement.

@Mazetz123 wrote: “@sky.dimee as hard as it can be but pls do not give up just try again you’ll do better next time! Best wishes🤗sending you hugs, love n light!”