WATCH: Sir Trill opens up about his struggles in the industry on L-Tido’s podcast

L-Tido and Sir Trill. Picture: INSTAGRAM

L-Tido and Sir Trill. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jul 11, 2024


In a recent episode of L-Tido's podcast, Amapiano singer Sir Trill shared his frustrations and challenges in the music industry.

The interview gave fans a rare glimpse into the personal and professional struggles faced by the talented musician.

One of the main topics discussed was the mysterious figure known as "grootman," whom Sir Trill accused of sabotaging his career.

According to Trill, this individual had been actively preventing other artists from collaborating with him, effectively stifling his progress and creativity.

Sir Trill elaborated on the issue during the podcast, revealing the extent of the struggles he has faced.

"We make a song together, we all happy," he said. "One week later, artists start pulling out of their songs."

He explained that after investing time and effort into collaborative projects, his partners often backed out, citing other commitments or simply disappearing altogether.

This pattern of behaviour has been a significant source of frustration for Trill, who feels that his ability to release new music has been severely compromised.

The Amapiano star also opened up about the financial hardships he endured as a result of these challenges. He shared that there had been times when he didn't have food to eat at night.

“Do you know when you drink water and your stomach is painful? Me, I come from that,” he said.

Despite his contributions to the genre and his popularity among fans, Sir Trill has not received any financial compensation for his work.

He claimed that the grootman has taken 100% of the money he made from music, leaving him struggling to make ends meet.