WATCH: The Soil’s ‘Concert For Peace’ was marred by a fight

The Soil. Picture: File.

The Soil. Picture: File.

Published Mar 22, 2024


Fighting at a concert for peace on Human Rights Day must be the ultimate irony. On Thursday, March 21, The Soil had a “Free The Children | A Concert for Peace” event at The Nirox Sculpture Park in Krugersdorp.

If you’ve been to that park, you would know how serene it is. As a guest, you get to watch performances sitting on the grass, with the lake in between. It’s such a beautiful, soul soothing, experience.

However, someone had to ruin that moment for everyone by starting a fight during The Soil’s performance.

According to those who attended, a woman stood up, and those behind her could not see the performance and asked her to sit down. She became rude and started fighting with the woman who called her out.

The other guests managed to resolve the situation, or so they thought. However, shortly after the woman re-started the fight, eventually falling onto people’s ice buckets and onto a haystack.

This unfortunate debacle could have been avoided if she had just sat down and continued to watch from her seat like everyone else.

Now she’s trending on social media and people are dragging her.

“What exactly makes you fight while listening to The Soil? They don’t have a single song that would awaken the warrior in you,” commented @Bonisile_RMS.

Another X user, @LebohangWrites, said: “This woman might have made history as the first person to ever fight at Nirox, which is generally very chill.”

Others said if their friend was involved in the fight, they would never go out with them in public again. Or even worse, end the whole friendship.

Below are more reactions to the fight.