Toya Da Lazy says she hope her South African fans receive her new music as enthusiastically as they did with her previous music.

DURBAN - Toya Delazy’s authenticity and unique identity has made her a global pop star with her move to London putting her at number three in the United Kingdoms charts and on Wednesday, she released the video for her hit single ‘London Town”.

Delazy, who recently faced criticism after posting a picture of her wearing ibheshu - a traditional Zulu outfit usually worn by men - said the outfit was now also for 'Zulu girls with different genders'.

She also put a user on blast and shared their personal details in a tweet. 

The London-based Toya Delazy, who is born as Letoya Ntokozo Buthelezi, said in an interview with the Sunday Tribune, that she was proud of her music sitting high on the charts. The University of KwaZulu-Natal music graduate and granddaughter of IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who recently turned 90, has produced hits in the past such as Pump it On and Heart.

“Today I am releasing the music video to my single London Town which is currently sitting on number three in the UK billboards. I am particularly proud of this single because it is my first independent solo under Delazy Entertainment. The video was directed by Frosted Ice Ink and myself," said the music.

Toya Delazy said she also worked with Zimbabwean producer Rhymez on the song.

Toya Delazy, who is a Princess from the Buthelezi Royal clan, said she wanted to inspire other girls in South Africa to know that they can make a global mark if they remained true to themselves in their quest to achieve their dreams.


Toya Delazy released the official music video for her smash hit "London town' today which is sitting at number three on the UK charts.