WATCH: Video of Shebeshxt assaulting a fan leaves Mzansi divided

Shebeshxt. Picture: Instagram.

Shebeshxt. Picture: Instagram.

Published May 15, 2024


Shebeshxt might want to consider a career change because it seems he’s better suited for boxing than performing in front of big crowds.

This controversial rapper just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, which was evident in a recent social media video.

In one of the video’s of the incident, he is seen assaulting a fan before driving off. But some fans are saying the video lacks context.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time he’s done this. In a previous video on social media, Shebeshxt was seen brandishing what appeared to be a firearm while on stage, allegedly directing it towards the crowd.

A while back, he apologised to another man he allegedly knocked out. While some saw this as a gesture of remorse, other social media users weren’t convinced.

However, fans are divided in their opinion of the recent incident.

Sharing a short version of the video, @Ndi_Muvenda wrote: “Shebeshxt is always right, the wrong ones is us.”

— Dr MuVenda (@Ndi_Muvenda_) May 14, 2024

X user @mosesmaseko13 added: “You guys must post the whole thing, be truthful!! He doesn’t go around beating people up but he doesn’t take disrespect very well, he’ll deal with you.”

@Ndi_Muvenda_ responded: “He’s a police now? I thought if a person wrongs you, you go to police, that’s assault”

@skotenyxxl wrote: “This guy will either die or go to jail before most of us are even able to list two of his hits – eintlik, make that 1 hit song!!!”

@sux789 commented: “This guy is messing up his career by doing this to be honest.”

@Johnny__the_2nd wrote: “We saw the whole video on TikTok, they were pouring alcohol in his car then a bottle hit the car Why are you not posting that? Why are you cutting that part?”

— Abu Mohammad al-Julani (@Johnny__the_2nd) May 14, 2024