X users clap back at Kabza De Small over ‘make-up jokes’

Kabza De Small. Picture: Supplied

Kabza De Small. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 12, 2023


When you’re a celebrity, you need to know your place and understand that, unlike ordinary citizens, there are certain things you cannot get away with saying.

Amapiano musician Kabza De Small found himself getting grilled on X following the silly remarks he made about women who wear make-up.

In two trending videos, he said it was better when women hired make-up artists instead of doing the make-up themselves.

“Lento ye make-up mayiqala bekuba nabantu abkwenzayo i make-up. Manje nayimosha. Manje seniyazenza nina, ayi ngathi niyi’dumbu.”

His comment can be translated as: “When this make-up thing started, people were doing it for you. But you guys ruined it by doing it yourselves. You look like a corpse”.

In another video, he said that a blush looked better on light-skinned women and not dark-skinned women.

“Khona lento eniyifana ka (brushing his cheeks) le maniqeda ukufaka i make-up, le e pink. Ifuna ama yellowbone leyo ayi nina abo dark dindy. Nah, it doesn’t work hey, pink on black? No.”

Translation: “There is this thing that you put here (brushing his cheeks) after make-up, the pink on, it wants yellow bones (light-skinned women), not dark-skinned. Nah, it doesn’t work hey, pink on black? No.”

Whether he was joking or not, his comments didn’t sit well with X users, who also came for his looks since he was all up in the arms discussing women’s looks.

“How is he worried about ladies’ make-up with a face that ages like avocado? Wild,” commented an X user.

They reminded him of his “phuza face”, with some saying not even a filter could help him cover it up.

“Bro saying this using a Snapchat filter, and it still isn’t covering up that phuza face,” said @mrTabz123.

Below are more reactions from X users.

— yolanda 🦋 (@landamentally) October 12, 2023

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