Zuraida Jardine bags third degree at 48

Zuraida Jardine. Picture: Supplied

Zuraida Jardine. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 12, 2023


Media personality Zuraida Jardine shared an inspirational message on Instagram in celebration of reaching a milestone achievement .

The 48-year-old entertainment icon and health and wellness guru encouraged followers by showing that education and qualifications aren’t limited to ones age.

She captioned her post : “Our turn is always on time, ready for the taking #ItsMyTurn #OnTime”

She attached a special message to her post which reads: “At the age of 40 I decided to go to university as a full-time student not to only pursue a degree but to break a generational cycle.

“I come from a family where income was a necessity and higher education a luxury. Today, 8 years later, I have 3 degrees and changed a generational narrative.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, she holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and is a Functional Medicine Health and Lifestyle Coach.

Jardine recently joined S3’s popular lifestyle show “Afternoon Express” as a host in July after taking a break to focus on education and family.

The multi-skilled Cape Town personality boasts a background of more than two decades of TV experience.

Friends and followers congratulated the star on her recent achievement.

nomzamo_m wrote: “Oh my soul! Incredible and so inspiring… wow!”

pearlthusi wrote: “Love this!!!!”

zeebala wrote: “Very inspiring Zee. Well done.”

steffionthebrink wrote: “This is amazing 🙏🏽❤️.”

obsid.ian123 wrote: “Fabulous. I did the same thing. At 46 I started my university education. I graduated with my Honours Cum Laude in 2015.

“This year I started my Master’s. Last stop my PHD. We are never too old and it is never too late. Keep reaching for the stars.”

bekker.michelle wrote: “Huge congratulations. I am busy doing the same thing at 40. Doing my first degree🙌”

jenniferzimri wrote: “I am so super proud of you.I am also currently studying at the age of 54. We had a very hard life growing up, where we were homeless until I was 12 years old.

“Now I have 3 children and I am breaking that cycle, it STOPS with me. I love you and and I am so proud of you.👏👏👏”

vanessa_carreira wrote: “So freakin proud of you my Zee I could burst ♥️♥️♥️ There are three types of people in this world: Those that make things happen, those who wait for things to happen and those who wonder what happened … you my darling, inspirational, luminous friend are definitely the former 💪🏻.”

jennygriesel wrote: “Well done @zuraidajardine This is about so much more than changing the generational narrative, as incredible as that is already.

“It is also about stepping into your own power and proving how much is possible when talent is combined with tenacity. So proud of you. Well done! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️”