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Every Tuesday this month, from 2pm, KidsCo have been counting down your Top 10 all-time favourite shows.

And from 2pm to 6pm each Tuesday, we’ve been screening episodes of our most popular programmes, starting with number 10, Traces. Want to find out which is the best of the best? The No 1 KidsCo show will be revealed on January 31 at 4pm.


Tomorrow, join KidsCo for a full day of films celebrating the Chinese New Year and the arrival of the Year of the Dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon represents great success and happiness. From tomorrow until the Lantern Festival on February 7, look out for an original on-screen animation – specially commissioned and animated in Asia – featuring the KidsCo children and a new fire-breathing friend.

Merlin and the Dragons at 9.10am

When Arthur fails to understand why pulling a sword from a stone qualifies him for kingship, Merlin tells him a story of his own childhood – of dragons, armies and prophetic dreams. The story gives the young Arthur the confidence to assume the mantle of king and a whole new world of adventure awaits.

Marco Polo – Return to Xanadu at 10.25am and 7pm

This thrilling tale of magic and adventure sees young Marco, the descendant of the famous 13th century explorer Marco Polo, journey through space and time to Xanadu on a mission to rid the mythical kingdom of dastardly magician Foo-Ling. Along with his companions the Delicate Dinosaur and Reginald the Seagull, Marco must use a pair of magical medallions to restore peace to the land of his ancestors.

The Enchanted Mountain at 12.10pm

Atop Mount Kungang, men and animals live in peace – that is, until a hunter seeking adventure wounds a fawn. With the tranquillity of the beautiful place destroyed, it is down to a local youngster to help the fawn make a full recovery and restore order to Mount Kungang.

On his search for peace, the boy ends up in the company of eight beautiful fairies and finds himself falling deeply in love.

Prince Moon and Princess Sun at 1.55pm

In this epic oriental fairy tale, Princess Sun is kidnapped by the black dragon and held prisoner on a desert island. Prince Moon must forge a weapon of legendary power and rescue his beloved. Can the brave prince defeat the dragon?

Hua Mulan at 3.40pm

This is a charming retelling of the legend of Hua Mulan.

As the daughter of a bed-ridden general unable to participate in the war, Hua Mulan decides to disguise herself as a soldier and replace her sick father on the battlefield.

In the process of waging war, however, the young girl unexpectedly finds the love of her life.

Rescue Heroes at 6am and 4.20pm

Emergency? Environmental disaster? You can bet the Rescue Heroes will be there in a flash. Join the courageous team as they set off on another series of daring adventures and tricky missions, all in the name of helping people in peril and protecting our planet. This month, discover how the fearless heroes deal with a fire in an African reserve, a fierce storm at sea and an earthquake in the Venezuelan jungle.