Tomorrow sees the return of Touch – the series in which Kiefer Sutherland plays Martin Bohm, a widower who is struggling to raise his son, Jake, now 11.

David Mazouz mesmerised audiences with his portrayal of Jake (who still, by the way, has not spoken, although his thoughts are heard in voice-over at the beginning and end of episodes).

This young actor can get more out of a haunting stare than many adult performers can in a stream of dialogue.

Jake sees patterns in numbers, and early on it seemed as if all executive producer Tim Kring had on his mind was having Jake use that ability to make feel-good connections among disparate people around the globe.

But as season one went along, it became apparent that others were interested in Jake’s unusual talent, notably a malicious corporation called Aster.

As the ominous plotlines have emerged, the series has morphed into a suspense drama, with Martin and Jake on the run (season two finds them in Los Angeles rather than New York) and in constant peril. Sutherland and Maria Bello are going on the hunt together.

So Touch fans, get ready for a high-octane sophomore season.

Sutherland, Bello, Kring and the new additions to the cast talk about the added intensity and drama that have raised the stakes for Martin and Jake.

“Lucy (Bello) and Martin end the first season together, and we pick up from that. Jake and I start off trying to help her find her daughter,” Sutherland says of the premiere.

Bello, who will be a new series regular this season, plays mother to Amelia and is obsessed with getting her daughter back.

“Finding Amelia, this mysterious other version of Jake, becomes one of the dominant stories of the second season,” Kring says. “But more highly charged danger has infiltrated the show this season.”

Martin will work with Lucy as the pair – with Jake – search to find Amelia, Lucy's missing and especially gifted daughter.

Saxon Sharbino has joined the cast as a series regular to play Amelia.

In addition, Days of Our Lives star Greg Ellis has also boarded the second-year drama for a multiple-episode arc playing Trevor Wilcox, Martin’s old war correspondent buddy.

Touch marks a reunion for Sharbino and Ellis. The young actress starred in the Usher drama as the orphaned 14-year-old daughter of a CIA operative who encounters a mysterious rogue agent/assassin (Julian McMahon), who serves as both her surrogate father and professional mentor in the spy world. Angela Bassett co-starred, with Ellis recurring.

Sutherland is also getting a visit from an old 24 friend this season as John Boyd, who starred as Arlo Glass in the eighth season of 24, has booked a recurring role. In addition, Inception’s Dileep Rao has boarded the series.

Boyd will recur as Kase, a brilliant maths and algorithm researcher who is Calvin’s (Lukas Haas) college friend and close confidant. Rao, whose credits also include Avatar, will be a recurring guest star and play Vikash Nayar, a wealthy and influential shareholder at Aster Corp.

The duo joins an expanding roster for the second season of the drama. Lost’s Said Taghmaoui, Adam Campbell and Ray Santiago will recur on Touch. – The Hollywood Reporter

l Touch returns tomorrow on M-Net at 9.30pm with a double bill.