5 tips on how to perfect the winter wedding theme

Winter weddings are romantic. Picture: Supplied.

Winter weddings are romantic. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jul 2, 2024


While some people prefer summer weddings because they want to be out in the sun, others prefer winter weddings because of all the cosiness that comes with it.

Winter weddings are fun and more romantic than summer weddings because you get to be indoors, a fireplace in the corner and a room full of the warm glow of candles while your loved ones watch you marry the love of your life. How blissful!

Granny Mouse general manager Sean Granger, known for organising breathtaking weddings, says people should take advantage of the season and host winter weddings.

“By embracing the season’s unique qualities and planning thoughtfully, you can create a magical winter wedding you and your guests will cherish forever.”

Granger shares more tips and reasons to consider a winter wedding:

Choose the right venue: Select a venue that can accommodate an indoor ceremony and reception comfortably to provide the perfect setting for a winter wonderland wedding.

Since most accommodations are usually cheaper in South Africa, you can even book a full-on wedding weekend at a venue that will allow you and your guests to sleep over.

That way, no one will worry about driving late at night.

A picturesque setting: Getting married indoors means going the extra mile to create a picturesque setting. Ask for a room with great lighting where you can set up a studio to take breathtaking pictures for those unforgettable memories.

Themed invitations and stationery: Your invitations should be clear enough that it’s a winter wedding. Use materials like velvet or incorporate winter motifs such as snowflakes, icicles and pine trees to set the tone for your wedding right from the start.

And let your guests know the importance of sticking to the theme so that your wedding pictures come out perfectly.

Choose a seasonal menu: One of the most memorable things about any wedding is the food. Delight your guests with a seasonal menu featuring comfort foods like roasted meats with root vegetables, and hot beverages like butternut soap to keep them warm.

And for dessert, malva pudding must be on the menu and some Irish coffee for those who prefer something a bit stronger.

Winter décor and lighting: Using lots of candles is a perfect idea for winter. It gives the venue a romantic glow and heats the room naturally.

Using lighting effects can create a magical feel – fairy lights, naked bulbs and wall lights are all stunning to create warmth. A quick tip: fill glass jars with battery-operated fairy lights and place these on the tables to add more flair.