5 winter colour trends and how to style them

Red is in this season. Picture: Pexels.

Red is in this season. Picture: Pexels.

Published May 15, 2024


Winter is one of the most confusing seasons because its usually cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Either way, you must layer up to be on the safe side.

What’s exciting about this season is that you can be as creative as possible, using warm colours like beige, maroon, orange, red and grey.

Tips on how you can style the winter colours:


Not having a beige coat in your wardrobe should be a crime. It’s one of the most classic coats you’ll own.

Paired with a turtle-neck and long boots, you’re good to go. It works well for men and women, especially those in the corporate industry. A sling bag works well with the look.

You can never go wrong with a beige coat. Picture: Pexel.s


Thigh-length boots are back and they don’t have to be black. Instead, go for a maroon pair and wear a black coat. Wear a lipstick that matches your shoes to spice up your look.

Maroon boots are stylish.


Orange is perfect for winter because it matches well with brown and beige, which are trending this season. It adds flair to your look so that it doesn’t become boring; it pops a bit because the colour brightens everything. 

An orange dress and a brown or grey coat makes it the perfect combination.

An orange dress can also be paired with a grey coat. Picture: Pexels.


Red will forever be iconic because it sets the tone for boldness. People who wear red are usually optimistic and ready to tackle whatever’s thrown at them.

Wearing red in winter means no matter how uncertain the weather, you are sure about serving looks and standing on business. 

A red dress worn with red boots will make you feel like the boss lady you are. A black handbag would do to break the colours.

Red is associated with boldness. Picture: Pexels.


Black is an all-season colour, and in winter, it works well in monochrome. Pair a black dress with a white shirt and you will never go wrong.

Add a bit of gold jewellery to elevate your look and throw in sunglasses, too, if you’re feeling edgy.

Looking stylish in black and white. Picture: Pexels.