93-year-old TikTok star, Grandma Droniak, is a riot as she dishes on her dating life

Grandma Droniak revealed that she was one of the successful dating stories of 2023.

Picture: TikTok screenshot/ Grandma Droniak

Published Jan 9, 2024


TikTok may be full of questionable characters but one thing remains: you are guaranteed to laugh and learn a thing or two.

And the dating pool is “full of poo” as Nomsa Sasa eloquently narrated in her videos on TikTok, which was not well received by the masses.



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I first came across what most describe as the internet’s sassiest grandma, Grandma Droniak (@grandma_droniak), through TikTok's #foryou page when a video about her funeral rules went massively viral with over 18 million views.

It also received over 3.4 million likes and 29k comments.

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Lillian Droniak, known affectionately as Grandma Droniak to her legion of TikTok followers, has captured the internet's heart by speaking candidly about love, life and laughter at 93 years old.

Her candid humour about topics like her funeral plans and her take on a woman named Bertha, who's explicitly uninvited to her funeral, has stirred up more than laughs; it's sparked intrigue and affection across the globe.


heres my 2023 dating wrapped. thanks for all the support this year

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In one of her widely-shared videos, Droniak proclaimed, "I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't want it," to the amusement of her fans.

However, she's since made a U-turn. "I can't believe I have a boyfriend," she shared in a follow-up video.

Her sincerity and wit, as she jokes about her partner's snoring and his inclination to talk about an ex, resonated with young and old.

She's not shy about revealing the realities of dating later in life, detailing her experiences with humour and a sharp tongue.

And Grandma Droniak's love life is better than most of ours, so one cannot help but be envious.

From first dates to "situationships", her commentary on her love life - including a quip about her boyfriend being a "lightweight" with alcohol - offers a refreshingly playful perspective on the topic.

Droniak's ascension as a social media sensation mirrors a contemporary trend, the "dating wrapped" compilation that TikTokers share to summarise their romantic escapades of the year.

Droniak, embracing this movement, divulged that she kissed all five of her first dates and candidly labelled two as "losers“.

Her recaps have led to an outpouring of support with fans comparing their own dating wrap-ups to hers.

One user commented: "Your dating wrapped was better than mine," evoking a response from the internet's favourite grandma: "Better luck next year."

Her messages of laughter and love serve as a reminder that life, at any age, is for living fully... and that's a lesson everyone can take to heart.