A look into Nara Smith’s mind-blowing recipes

Nara Smith’s home-made cereal caused a stir on social media. Picture: Nara Smith TikTok Screenshot

Nara Smith’s home-made cereal caused a stir on social media. Picture: Nara Smith TikTok Screenshot

Published May 27, 2024


Nara Smith certainly knows how to captivate an audience.

Known as the ultimate TikTok tradwife, Nara has inspired millions of people with her youthful charm, soft-spoken demeanour, elegant style and delightful array of recipes that blend tradition with modern taste.

Talking about delightful recipes, below we take a look at some of the cook's mind-blowing creations that left people astonished and salivating.


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Earlier this month, Nara took to TikTok in her usual mellow fashion as she began preparing yet another home-made concoction in the kitchen. But viewers’ jaws dropped when she revealed what she was making – bubblegum.

In the video, she detailed how she made green apple and cinnamon vanilla flavoured gum for her sister.

"My sister was in town to visit and she's been craving bubble gum so bad," Nara explained. "But she ran out so I decided to make it for her."

In what follows, the 22-year-old detailed the gum-making process, which included combining powdered sugar with corn syrup and a gum base.

She then added green apple flavouring to one (her sister's favourite) and cinnamon and apple to the second base. She then kneaded and stretched out the mixture, before forming it into gumball shapes and placing the balls onto wax paper.

So, was it worth it?

"These tasted even better than store-bought gum and she was so excited," Nara said. "The cinnamon vanilla ones tasted like a doughnut. I was very pleased."

This unique creation not only impressed her followers but also sparked broader conversations about self-reliance and creativity in everyday cooking.


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If there is one thing to know about Nara, it is that she is skilled at making any task look effortless. Her cereal tutorial is no different.

"Today my toddlers wanted cereal for breakfast again, so I decided to make cinnamon toast crunch," she narrated in her smooth voice, noting that the sugary cereal is a favourite of her husband, fellow model Lucky Blue Smith.

Nara started by combining the dry ingredients in a wooden bowl and then adding oil and water. After combining the dough with her hands, she rolled it out between two sheets of parchment paper.

She recommended using a pizza cutter to cut the thin dough into squares and then putting it into the oven to turn crispy.

Snickers bar

@naraazizasmith still working on the look of them but these were husband approved!!🫶🏽 #easyrecipes #homecooking #dessert #fypツ #snickers #chocolate #snack #marriage ♬ Nice and Easy - Louis Adrien

Just two weeks after welcoming her third baby, Nara shared a cooking demonstration revealing her rendition of a beloved candy bar and the video went viral super fast.

"Started off by making some peanut butter by just blending up some dry roasted peanuts. Once that was all smooth, I set that aside and got started on my nougat," she said.

"I combined all of my ingredients, which were sugar and water, and let that come to a boil on the stove."

As that was boiling, she separated egg whites from the yolks and had "them come up to room temperature before whipping".

After taking the sugar mixture off the stove, she slowly poured it into the egg whites in the mixer to mix on medium-high speed until it turned into a "marshmallow fluff consistency".

Nara then spooned the mixture into a square baking dish, pressed it down and put it in the refrigerator for about five hours.