Actress Chanelle Davids-Abrahams opens up about the ups and downs of motherhood

Chanelle Davids-Abrahams. Picture: Supplied

Chanelle Davids-Abrahams. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 29, 2023


Actress Chanelle Davids-Abrahams recently welcomed her second baby, a cute little girl named Eloah-Joe Abrahams.

The 30-year-old TV star is best known for presenting “Hectic Nine-9”, hosting “Beter assie Bure” and starring in “7de Laan” and the movie, “Swirl”.

The mom of two, along with her husband Curt, celebrated the second birthday of their first-born, a boy named Micah Abrahams, born on Heritage Day.

The Abrahams family of four. Picture: Supplied

For Chanelle, adjusting to motherhood has seen an experience and she has taken them to social media to share as a coping mechanism.

In her recent post, the media personality from Macassar in Cape Town shared an image of her and Micah looking at baby Eloah-Joe.

She captioned it: “And then there are moments where I just stare at my children and the quietness of the night is deafening because all I hear is myself questioning whether I met their needs for the day.

“Have I given them enough love, attention, have l listened to them attentively, have they eaten enough?

“Am I mother enough for them?

“But I can only be mother enough if I remember to also provide for my needs, it’s something I struggle with daily… making a space for myself.”

Chanelle told “Independent Media Lifestyle” that her writing and recording of her experiences is what keeps her sane and helps her cope.

“The reason I share my mom journey is my way of coping with all the emotions that come with being a mom and to also let other moms know they are not alone.

“It really warms my heart when other moms send me messages saying that my posts explain exactly how they are feeling or my posts really encourages them.

“I don't sugar-coat any of my experiences. Good or bad. Because being a mom is REAL work.”

Micah, Chanelle and Eloah-Joe Abrahams. Picture:Supplied

Chanelle also shared the challenges of having to focus her attention on an infant and toddler at once.

“A newborn baby, a toddler who is knocking at the door of the terrible two’s phase and a mamma who finds herself falling over her own two feet trying to see to both of their needs.

“What a roller-coaster it has been, I've cried with them. Felt guilty for choosing to clean this one’s diaper before cleaning the other’s. Kicked myself for forgetting to set my alarm to wake baby for one of her night feeds.

“I’ve been trying to keep up by overthinking it. I've been in my head so much lately that I totally forgot to enjoy every moment for what it is. So what if the house is a mess today… it’s okay.

“Micah can stay in pyjamas today, it’s okay, make the bed later… it’s okay.”

She shares tips that work for her.

“Take a step back and breathe… it’s okay, napping when the kids are napping is not being selfish, feeling overwhelmed… it’s okay.

“A lot changed and I’m still trying to come to terms with all of it.

“I’m still trying to wrap my arms around myself and love this new body with all its wear and tear.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am a Mom of 2.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around this Motherhood thing…

“But until then, I’m binding my stomach, wiping my tears, one baby on my hip and the at the hand and we journey on.

“God gives me grace and energy every day to keep holding on.

“I’m allowing myself to feel every emotion I'm going through and to be in my feelings if I want to, but I’m reminding myself not to stay and graze there for too long.

“Welcome it, acknowledge it but don’t allow it to become a permanent resident. It’s okay to not have it all together.”