Bryoni Govender represented South Africa well at the 15th Miss Supranational, sends well wishes to the winner

Bryoni Govender. Picture: Supplied.

Bryoni Govender. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jul 8, 2024


Miss South Africa 2023 first-runner-up Bryoni Govender represented South Africa well at the15th Miss Supranational in Nowy Sącz in Poland on Saturday, July 6.

Although she did not win the title, Govender made it to the Top 12.

She looked gorgeous in all her costumes, including the national costume inspired by the African leopard print.

“Beware the Leopard. These solitary, nocturnal big cats who favour trees over the bush are masterful ambush predators. Emerging from the shadows in the early morning, their rosettes glint in the dawn light as they move with unparalleled grace.

“Their stealth is legendary; their elegance is unmatched. But what truly sets the leopard apart is its remarkable adaptability – they are the only big cats found in both African savannas and rainforests, as well as the rugged terrain of the Drakensberg mountains.

“This ability to thrive in diverse environments highlights their resilience and vital role in South Africa’s rich biodiversity,” said Govender.

Bryoni Govender. Picture:SJ van Zy.

For her Top 12 entry, she donned a beautiful cocktail dress by RethaN and ended the night with an exquisite Juan William Aria gold gown.

Representing her country on the international stage for a second time was a big win for Govender who was named Miss Supranational Africa 2024 and won a special award, Miss Friendship.

Bryoni Govender. Picture: Supplied.

“The outpouring of support from fellow South Africans was overwhelming. To everyone who has cheered me on, sent kind words or simply believed in my dream, thank you. It has been an incredible journey,” she said.

She also congratulated Harashta Haifa Zahra of Indonesia for winning the title.

“Congratulations to Harashta, I wish her all the best for her reign ahead, and I know she will continue to amaze and inspire.

“It was an honour sharing the Miss Supranational stage with her and all the other wonderful competitors, many of whom have become friends,” she said.

Bryoni Govender. Picture:SJ van Zyl.