DJ Zinhle surprises Kairo with a prawn pasta after her first cooking lesson

Kairo and DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

Kairo and DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 5, 2024


After being innocently called out by her daughter, Kairo Forbes, for not being able to cook, DJ Zinhle is on a mission in the kitchen.

The DJ had her first cooking lesson which she said went “so well”. Forbes was meant to join her mom in the kitchen, but had to skip the lesson due to being ill.

Sharing the journey with fans, as she said she would, the “Umlilo” hitmaker posted a video with the caption, “My first cooking lesson with @maidtocook went sooooo well … Looking forward to the next one … 🙏🏾.”

In the video, she said she did the lesson over the phone because the teacher, Filike Zungu, was overseas. Despite this, she said it was simple and that the cooking teacher made it “work”.

“She was really amazing. I was panicking at some point, and she was like ‘please calm down, it’s not that hectic’.

“She made it simple. I did it over the phone because she was overseas, I was a bit worried about that, but she knows what she’s doing, she made it work.”

DJ Zinhle said she was unable to film the process but gave her fans a glimpse of the final result.

“Now I am on my way to deliver the food to Kairo, who was supposed to be a part of the lesson but she fell sick. We decided to make prawn pasta for her, I’m going to surprise her now, and my hubby, and see how they feel.”

Watch video below:

The video showed an unwell Forbes feasting on her mom’s first attempt at cooking and she didn’t look disappointed.

“One thing about Kairo, she will take her time, but I think she liked it,” DJ Zinhle said.