Expert advice on how to heal hyperpigmentation holistically

Pigmentation can be healed. Picture: Supplied.

Pigmentation can be healed. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jul 5, 2024


The skincare concerns never end because if it’s not pimples, then it’s pigmentation, unless you’re one of the few people with good genes.

Nicole Sherwin, founder of Eco Diva Natural Superfood Skincare, is one of many people who suffered from hyperpigmentation.

Thanks to her curiosity, she was able to find solutions.

“Pigmentation rebalancing is not just about treating the topical symptoms, which in most cases won’t work long-term, but it’s about understanding the causes behind the surface condition, which is the key to true healing.

“When I adopted a holistic approach to my own skincare routine, is when my pigmentation, (as well as my adult acne and rosacea) began to heal.

“This journey isn’t a quick fix but what it does offer is new insights into how to hear what your skin is telling you as well as how to be more in touch with your own gut feelings and instincts,” she says.

By rebalancing your skin, using active ingredients and prioritising mental health as well as eating healthy, Sherwin says pigmentation can be healed.

“Beyond skincare routines, adopting a holistic (whole body) approach encompasses attention to skin health, gut health, as well as our mental health is imperative.

“Nurturing skin health goes beyond surface-level treatments; it entails fostering a balanced lifestyle that addresses internal and external factors contributing to pigmentation, like stress and how you are dealing with it, environmental stressors like cleaning agents and free radicals, and most definitely our gut health (foods we’re consuming),” explains Sherwin.

Below are some of her tips on how to reverse pigmentation.

  • Prioritise a single skincare range that aligns with ethical and nutritional standards.
  • Transition to natural make-up products to minimise chemical skin-disrupting exposure.
  • Conduct thorough ingredient checks on all skincare and cosmetic products.
  • Embrace a holistic approach by focusing on skin, gut, and mental health.
  • Ensure adequate rest, a balanced diet, and stress management for optimal skin rejuvenation.
  • Transition to