Fans not impressed with Chlöe Bailey’s apparel line

Chloe Bailey. Picture: Instagram

Chloe Bailey. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 4, 2024


Most celebrities, especially singers, expand their brands by venturing into fashion or beauty, and American singer Chlöe Bailey has joined the bandwago.

The “Boy Bye” hitmaker took to X to announce her new apparel line of graphic T-shirts.

One of the T-shirts that got people talking is the one written: “When life is beating your azz arch it.”

While some liked the cockiness in the T-shirt, most people were not impressed with it.

Chlöe Bailey’s T-shirt line. Picture: X

“The craziest thing is that she’s actually insanely talented and truly doesn’t have to be like this to get attention,” commented @carolineflocka.

Another supporter, @yungkenzo, said: “This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen and she does a lot of cringy sh*t.”

It’s not that people hate her hustle but they say she should find other ways to make extra money without trying too hard over things that don’t reflect well on her brand.

For example, she could learn a thing or two from Tyla, who also created a range of T-shirts and caps promoting her music, not phrases that don’t make sense.

“You arch your back, not ur (your) ass. This doesn’t make sense,” highlighted @CarlyCakesss.

In other news, American singer and songwriter Kehlani also has an apparel line.

Hers is a range of T-shirts and hoodies packed with CDs and autographed posters to promote her upcoming album, dropping on June 21.