Fashion gone wrong as Cardi B forgets the name of the designer who spent two months making her dress

Cardi B in Windowsen Couture. Picture: Instagram.

Cardi B in Windowsen Couture. Picture: Instagram.

Published May 14, 2024


American rapper Cardi B trended for the wrong reasons after her grand entrance at The Met Gala.

The “Up” hitmaker attended the fashion industry’s prestigious event in a Windowsen Couture showstopper gown.

On the red carpet, when a journalist asked who made her dress, Cardi said: “I feel amazing, this amazing designer, they’re Asian and everything, so yeah.”

You could tell that she didn’t know because, if she did, she would’ve known that Sensen Lii is Chinese.

Vogue’s former managing director Gilbert Cheah called Cardi out for not remembering the designer’s name.

“For the record and recognition, and no thanks to Cardi , the designer of her gown is Sensen Lii who’s Chinese. The gown took two months to make.

“I think it’s boring and not even on theme but she chose it and should have at least remembered his name and not just that he’s ‘Asian’,” Cheah wrote.

In her defence, Cardi said she had had a lot on her mind that night and had forgotten how to pronounce Lii’s name.

“When I was on the carpet, I was very scared because the dress was supposed to be on a little podium, and I had been practising how to pose on the podium, but on the carpet, I wasn’t allowed to use the podium.

“So, I had a lot of things on my mind, and I was being rushed to the front of the line.

“When I was getting interviewed, I kind of forgot to pronounce the designer’s name because his name is a little bit complicated,” she said.

People were not convinced though. The insisted that Cardi B was disrespectful for not only forgetting the designer’s name but getting his nationality wrong, too.

“This is so disgusting. You put such an emphasis on being this fashion girl that you not only forget the name of the designer, but his nationality. No class and no respect,” commented @happypinkbday.

Sensen explained that Cardi’s dress was inspired by fertile soil.

“I associated fertile, Vast Black Soil with the theme —All kinds of beautiful flowers grow on the Vast Black Soil ich earth used for planting crops and flowers.

“A single black rose grows in this Vast Black Soil. The whole dress uses nearly 3000 meters of organza. It symbolises the vastness of the land.”