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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Fine dining and ‘glamping’ elevates South African festival to new heights

The fine dining experience at the ‘Rocking the Daisies’ festival in Cape Town. Picture: Supplied

The fine dining experience at the ‘Rocking the Daisies’ festival in Cape Town. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 21, 2023


As festival-goers enjoyed this weekend’s festivities at “Rocking the Daisies”, Chef Katlego Mlambo's culinary magic infused an extra layer of flavour and flair into the overall experience.

From his award-winning creations to a menu inspired by a tequila brand that brought lively party vibes, it was a feast for the senses.

Affectionately known as “Chef Katlego”, he took foodies at the prestigious Cape Town music festival at The Cloof Wine Estate, on a delightful culinary trip to the lively plains of Mexico with his specially made dishes.

“Food is the one thing that brings everyone together and being a part of that culinary experience is something truly wonderful,” he explained.

“Chef Katlego” was thrilled about bringing his dining experience to South Africa at “Rocking the Daisies, after being involved in several culinary scenes, from LA to Washington in the US, and even in Switzerland.

And after preparing meals for celebrities across the globe, the renowned chef from and TV personality was delighted to prepare special meals for those back home in South Africa.

“The journey has been a delightful and exciting roller coaster, bringing the joy of flavours back to South Africa,” he said.

For his dining experience, Chef Katlego transformed the annual music festival into a flavour playground.

The Don Table experience where festival goers enjoyed a meal together. Picture: Supplied.

Using Mexican food as his theme for the cuisine at the festival, Chef Katlego explained that he wanted to transport food enthusiasts at the festival, through his cooking, to this part of the world.

His menu was also inspired by a tequila brand, keeping in line with “Rocking the Daisies” festivities.

“I play with combinations all the time, I dream a lot about food and what I see in my dreams, I try to recreate in the kitchen with my team,” he said.

“Some combinations are magical the first time we try them out and with some it's back to the drawing board. The process of creating something delicious and interesting at times is frustrating yet most of the time always exciting,” he said.

Glamping experience

Don Julio Glamping experience at ‘Rocking the Daisies’. Supplied image.

Camping is an experience that not many enjoy. It comes with many hassles such as setting up tents, checking sleeping bags and making sure you have outdoor essentials.

But “glamping” is an alternative to those seeking to add a “’soft life” experience to camping. It involves adding luxurious elements to outdoor living and in many cases, the groundwork and set-up is already established ahead of arrival.

This was an accommodation option for those at this weekend’s “Rocking the Daisies” as the festival put luxury and outdoor living at the centre of its operations to deliver a unique experience.

Mpimy Mashimbye, the visionary behind the festival, explained that they wanted to provide festival-goers with a full-scale luxury experience, infusing a touch of opulence into South Africa.

The glamping tents “Rocking the Daisies” attempted to closely mirror a hotel experience. This is as it included neatly set-out beds, clean towels, a safety kit to secure belongings, and showers and working restrooms.

Meanwhile, security guards were stationed at these accommodation sites, allowing festival-goers to fully immersed themselves in the festivities, without having to worry about their belongings.

In a time when festivals aimed for uniqueness and enduring memories, this collaboration brought an unprecedented level of luxury and indulgence. It mirrored the evolving festival culture, where attendees sought more than just music; they desired a complete adventure.