Food hacks: 5 clever ways to save money

Shred and slice your own cheese. Picture: Pexels Tabitha Mort

Shred and slice your own cheese. Picture: Pexels Tabitha Mort

Published Oct 19, 2023


I think it is safe to say inflation has got to all of us this year, especially the soaring cost of food and groceries. While eating at home is generally less expensive than eating out, there are always ways to save even more when preparing meals in your own kitchen.

Some of these money-saving hacks involve a little extra time, but the upshot is extra taste and extra cash in your wallet.

Save fresh herbs for later. Picture: Pexels Alleksana

Save fresh herbs for later

Does a packet of fresh herbs ever get used before it goes past its best? Almost never, right? But they can be frozen to flavour your food of the future.

Use an ice cube tray, and chop them up in a mix of water or stock – then you can pop one in the pot for flavour the next time you see fit.

Generate leftovers

I always try to make more of an evening meal I cook in the hope that there will be leftovers for lunch the next day. Pasta, noodles or rice dishes are all good for making in excess and might save you from having to buy your lunch the following day.

Shred and slice your own cheese. Picture: Pexels Tabitha Mort

Shred and slice your own cheese

Cheese is expensive, and the price only goes higher when it is sliced and shredded for you. Instead of paying more for the extra processing, do the work yourself. Buy a large block of cheese, shred what you need and slice the rest.

Freeze any you do not plan to use right away and you will have sliced and shredded cheese at your fingertips for less money (and packaging) than buying it pre-cut.

Forget takeaways and make your own

If there is one thing we love in South Africa, it is a takeaway. But if you are trying to save money, why not learn how to make them yourself rather than buying an expensive meal?

Freeze sandwiches

Keep bread and sandwich fillings from going to waste by pre-making and freezing sandwiches using ingredients from your cupboard and fridge.

This helps you to use up food before it goes bad and means you have accessible lunches or snacks in the freezer at all times.