Forget brown paper bags and plastic Tupperware, Louis Vuitton has launched a R60K ‘sandwich bag’ and it has left the internet asking: ‘Why?’

The new Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag. Picture: Louis Vuitton website

The new Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag. Picture: Louis Vuitton website

Published Jan 18, 2024


Louis Vuitton has unveiled its latest accessory that is turning heads in the fashion world.

The luxury fashion brand has been creating statements in the world of fashion for years.. It launches signature bags and accessories at regular intervals, creating headlines across the world.

This time, its offering is a sandwich bag.

This is not your average lunch carrier; it is a high-end statement piece with a price tag to match, retailing at an eye-watering R60K when converted to South African rand from the US dollar.

The bag, resembling a classic paper bag, went on sale on January 4 and the internet cannot seem to stop talking about how unnecessary the product is.

The bag was designed by Pharrell Williams, a creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear, as part of his debut collection for the brand.

The new Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag. Picture: Louis Vuitton website

“The Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag is made from supple cowhide leather in exactly the same colour as the House’s famed shopping bags. And features the same ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Maison Fondée En 1854’ lettering found on the bags.

“Inside there’s a zipped pocket and a double flat pocket to keep things organised”, states the brand’s website.

The brand also shared that it measures 30cm in length, 27cm in height and 17cm in width.

In no time, the bag went viral on the internet. People took to micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts on the expensive bag that looks like a paper bag.

“Would appreciate it if any of you could gift me that new Louis Vuitton sandwich bag! I’ll use it to carry my lunch box to the office. Would be so handy,” wrote one user.

A second user wrote: “I thought Balenciaga’s $1,800 garbage bag was a dumb ‘designer’ item. But it’s not dumber than Pharrell X Louis Vuitton’s $3,350 sandwich bag!”

A third wrote: “So now you can even flex with a lunch box? No, this is hard.”

A fourth commented: “It’s McDonald’s.”