How to add the tenniscore style trend to your wardrobe

Zendaya has been sporting the ‘tenniscore’ style trend during the worldwide premières of her movie, ‘Challengers’. Picture: Instagram.

Zendaya has been sporting the ‘tenniscore’ style trend during the worldwide premières of her movie, ‘Challengers’. Picture: Instagram.

Published May 27, 2024


Tenniscore has been dominating the fashion headlines since the release of the romantic sports drama, “Challengers”, which stars Hollywood actress Zendaya.

The popular movie centres around tennis, which has since inspired an athletic aesthetic related to the sport.

The 27-year-old, whose full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, has also shown that a tennis aesthetic is not just made for the court.

Zendaya wore multiple tennis-inspired outfits during "Challengers”.

This includes in Rome, Italy, where she stunned in a silver plunging tennis dress.

Zendaya sporting the ‘tenniscore’ style trend during the premiere of her movie, ‘Challengers’, in Rome, Italy. Picture: Instagram.

The pleated bottom and striped detailing were also iconic nods to this season’s trend.

To showcase the undeniable fascination with the fusion of sports and style, Google Trends reports have revealed a staggering surge of 345% in global searches for “tenniscore” over the past month.

In addition, Pinterest Trends also revealed that the online need for ‘tennis outfits” have sky-rocketed by a whopping 228% across Great Britain and Ireland in the last year, alongside an 80% uptick in interest for “sporty outfits’.

Plus-sized fashion experts from clothing brand Zizzi Fashion explain how to incorporate this tennis-inspired fashion trend into your wardrobe.

Pleated skirts

This type of garment is the epitome of tennis-themed fashion.

The iconic skirts are worn by professional tennis players every year, whether they’re slaying at the French Open or Wimbledon.

“This year, however, pleated skirts have left the tennis court and made their way onto the catwalk,” the experts said.

Lacoste’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection featured elements of ‘tenniscore’. Picture: Instagram.

Meanwhile, Lacoste’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection at Paris Fashion Week was the perfect example of how tenniscore is entering the fashion world.

This range included multiple tennis-inspired outfits, including mini and mid-length pleated skirts in hues of green, brown and black.

The fashion experts explained that there are countless ways to sport a pleated skirt.

You can pair them with cowboy boots, graphic t-shirts or denim jackets.

“They’re a versatile tennis-themed trend that can be moulded to each person’s individual style.”

Chic-tennis dresses

Tennis dresses are no longer reserved for just the court. The short and sweet ensemble has also been making its way onto the red carpet.

The experts said that tennis dresses can also be styled casually and that they can be paired with boots, denim jackets and trainers.

In addition, pull-over jumpers can also be worn with a tennis dress to create an effortless and casual look.

The iconic Polo shirt

These iconic collared shirts have been making waves in multiple fashion trends throughout history, from 90s mod-style polo shirts to this year’s preppy trend revival – and they’re back for tenniscore 2024.

Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection featured numerous polo shirts.

On the runway, the brand’s models sported classic navy blue shirts and an oversized, striped shirt in a brown shade.

The appeal of this is that both styles are unisex and can be worn by anyone with a taste for tennis-inspired clothing.

There is also no “right” way to wear a polo shirt, the experts believe.

They explained that if you want to channel classic court-centre chic, they advised wearing fitted polo shirts and layering it with a retro jersey which you can tie around your shoulders. Princess Diana’s often incorporated some of these elements to her style in the 1990s.

The experts added that there are also more casual ways to style polo shirts.

“Hayley Bieber, for example, looked effortlessly chic in a striped polo shirt paired with baggy denim jeans and an oversized leather jacket, as pictured in 2023,” they said.

“This casual take is an easy way to embrace tennis-inspired fashion this summer.”

Centre-court colours

The experts said that white is undoubtedly the number one colour for this year’s tennis-inspired fashion as it embodies the elegance and class of the sport.

But this year’s tenniscore fashion trend also embraces brighter, bolder colours.

An example of this was when Zendaya wore multiple green-coloured outfits during the “Challengers” press tour, complete with a tennis ball green gown that stunned at the film’s after-party.

Tenniscore also calls for a range of colours to be worn, including pink and brown.