How to get that perfect Valentine's Day look

You can also opt for a more elegant look this Valentine’s Day and go for a classic black dress. Picture: Pexels

You can also opt for a more elegant look this Valentine’s Day and go for a classic black dress. Picture: Pexels

Published Feb 12, 2024


Valentine’s Day fashion and make-up ideas:

When the relationship is still new, most people try to look their best. They wear fancy clothes, do a bit of make-up, and their hair and nails are always on point.

However, as time goes on, some get comfortable being crusty in front of their partners. It’s not that they no longer put the effort into looking good, but to be honest, there’s no need to dress up for the couch.

But when it’s time to go out, it’s also time to pull out all the stops to remind your partner how gorgeous you can be.

This Valentine’s Day, most couples will be going out on a dinner date to ignite that spark and it’s the perfect time to dress up.

Below, we have compiled a few make-up and fashion ideas to make sure you look your best for your date.


Don’t go heavy into make-up, but don’t be too bland either – a subtle balance is best.

Subtle foundation

Don’t bake that face, instead, opt for a more natural-looking foundation application. It will give you a more even look. But make sure you use a bit of highlighter and light blush to contour.

Smoky eyes

Don’t compromise with the eyes, go all out. You want your date to look straight into your eyes because they can’t get enough of the art you’ve created.

Keep them staring. However, avoid extra long eyelashes, they can cause unnecessary distraction and we don’t want that.

Go for a smoky eye to keep your date captivated. Picture: Pexels

Matt lips

We know the black lip liner and clear lip gloss combo is addictive, but give it a rest. Rather wear a nude matt lipstick, in case you want to steal a kiss.

That way, you won’t smudge your lipstick. The best way to keep your lipstick in place is by applying a concealer as a base. It will last longer without creating any creases.

Red nails

Red and white are the colours of love but we don’t want to make it so obvious. So instead of wearing a red lipstick, paint your nails red.

They have that classy, edgy look, making you feel like the "it" girl you are as you raise your glass to sip on that crisp champagne.

Paint your nails red for a classy, edgy look. Picture: Pexels


If you have long straight hair, it’s best to tie it into a nice bun to avoid it getting into your face. If you prefer a wig, a knife-cut bob is the best option.

And for braids, tie them up instead of letting them hang loose. For those with curls, make sure they are bouncy and shiny.

If you have curls, make sure they are bouncy and shiny. Picture: Pexels


When it come to picking an outfit, go all out. If you want to wear a dress, a nice cocktail dress with pointed heels will do.

And for those who prefer pants, black, high-waisted formal pants paired with a black and white knitted golf T-shirt will give you that edgy look.

You can also opt for a more elegant look and go for a classic black dress. Picture: Pexels


Comfort is nice but if there’s one day you should avoid sneakers, it’s Valentine’s. If you are not into stilettos, there are block heels, kitten heels and platforms too. There are many options to choose from.


Don’t carry a large handbag, you don’t want to seem like you’ve squeezed an emergency overnight bag in there.

A mini clutch in red, if you’re wearing a black dress, will work too. And if you’re wearing pants, a small sling bag with gold straps is your best bet.

Opt for a mini purse that’s just big enough to hold your keys. Picture: Pexels


You can never go wrong with gold jewellery, especially earrings. Small hoops and a watch are all you need. Don’t wear a necklace in case your partner surprises you with one. That way, he/she can help you put it on like they do in the movies and, voilà, your outfit is complete.

Sweet scent

It’s Valentine’s Day, so you don’t want to wear anything overpowering. Something subtle and sweet is enough to make you noticeable.

And lastly, don’t forget to wear your beautiful smile and have a great time.