How to make sure your child doesn't lose their school uniform

It’s back to school and many children are starting school today. Picture: Pexels.

It’s back to school and many children are starting school today. Picture: Pexels.

Published Jan 18, 2024


Many parents were happy to be sending their little ones to school.

Understandably, it’s been bittersweet moment for parents whose bundles of joy are going to school for the first time because this day proves how far they’ve come and is a reminder of the long, exciting journey that awaits them.

With the excitement comes frustration for parents as first graders are prone to losing uniforms, stationery and lunch boxes because they have yet to adjust to the changes in their lives.

Having your child lose their school items is no joke because it is expensive, so to avoid that, here’s what you can do.

Get waterproof stamps

Mark all your child’s uniforms with a stamp with their name and surname. Brands like Kiddo Space offer personalised stamps with ink that last up to 50 washes without fading. Such will help the teacher identify lost items and return them to the owner.

Pack in a bag

Make sure your child carries a bag big enough to fit a jersey. Children tend to take off jerseys when it's hot. Instead of wrapping it around their waist, tell them to put it in the bag immediately after taking it off.

Instil a shoes-on policy

Some children take off their shoes when playing, which is tricky because they sometimes forget to put them back on. Teach your children to avoid taking their shoes off at school because they may get mixed up with that of their friends.

Mark the stationery

We all know that stationery gets lost all the time in schools. Make sure your child’s stationery is marked with their name and surname in case they lose it or it gets stolen.