LOOK: Black Coffee honours the matriarchs of his life with sentimental AMIRI ensemble

Black Coffee partnered with AMIRI to design an exquisite piece with great sentimental value. Picture: Instagram.

Black Coffee partnered with AMIRI to design an exquisite piece with great sentimental value. Picture: Instagram.

Published Oct 9, 2023


World-renowned DJ Black Coffee carried a piece of his family with him, on his couture, as he made history this weekend at Madison Square Garden, New York.

The Grammy-award-winning DJ, was the first South African to successfully headline and fill the 20 000 capacity venue.

Not only did Black Coffee have the crowd eating out the palm of his hand, but he made sure he looked good while doing it.

The “Drive” hitmaker, who has an exquisite sense of style, wore a custom AMIRI hand beaded and embroidered shirt, and cropped double-pleated pant with jacquard motif.

The embroidered shirt was inspired by “The Pyramids”, an art piece created by South African artist WonderBuhle.

Behind the making of the designer look lies a beautiful story.

Taking to his Instagram, the multi-award-winning DJ posted a video in which he shared how “important” his piece was.

“For me, this is such an important piece. For myself because, I am literally carrying my people to Madison Square Garden.

“(On) the piece there’s three women, one Zulu woman and two Xhosa women. The one in the middle, younger, that being my mother.

“You know, being who I am in the family, I wanted to preserve the history of our family,” said Black Coffee.

Further in the video, designer Mike Amiri, who also designed Coffee’s Grammy’s suit, said he was humbled that Black Coffee reached out to him to partner on creating the look for “such a special performance”.

“Once of the best feelings I get when creating is putting something together, with this much meaning and that’s this important to someone.

“He had shown me a painting that reflected them, and I wondered: Was there a way to incorporate that into the look? Incorporating the art and also couture techniques, such as beading and hand embroidery, little by little, started to build out this magical piece.”

Black Coffee added: “The people that carried me, the people that raised me, I am literally bringing them to witness the biggest moment of my life, right now.”

The artist, WonderBuhle, shared on his page: “I am Pleased to share the interpretation of my work The Pyramids by @mikeamiri for Black Coffee’s outfit for The Madison Square Garden Concert.

“The Pyramids painting was originally commissioned by @blackcoffee to capture the three pillars of his life from different generations and to hold their essence forever on canvas.

“Grateful for all the support and grace my Brother has offered Me and wishing you all best as You conquer the World one deck at a Time. Congratulations once again 🙌🏾! What a Time to be alive🙏🏿. @amiri 💫. Team Work🙏🏿.”