LOOK: Gigi Hadid launches autumn/winter collection

The new A/W collection by Gigi Hadid. Picture: Felix Cooper.

The new A/W collection by Gigi Hadid. Picture: Felix Cooper.

Published Aug 22, 2023


Supermodel Gigi Hadid has just launched her first autumn/winter collection. The new collection offers knitted sweaters, cardigans, socks, jumpers, hoodies and jackets.

“Introducing the Fall 2023 Collection — our signature pieces and new silhouettes in a vibrant palette of layered colours and cashmere textures inspired by the seventies,” read the caption on the brand’s Instagram post.

Hadid, who has been in the fashion industry for many years as a model, launched her clothing line, “Guest in Residence”, in September last year, with an inaugural campaign titled “Yearbook”.

“Over the last handful of years, I didn’t want to be backed into starting my own line just because there was an offer on the table or a deal to be made. I pushed back on a lot of pressure and said I would start something when I found a path that felt genuine for me to take,” said Hadid.

She said the idea to start Guest In Residence came when she became curious about cashmere.

“The earliest days of @guestinresidence came about when I started to question the cashmere market, and those answers gave me a path. 100% cashmere is 100% cashmere; but in the past, it was a material that, at its most integral state, has been made exclusive.

“I believe that because of its sustainable qualities – natural, and made to cherish and to pass down— cashmere is a luxury that should be more accessible.”

When creating the brand, Hadid had her favourite people in mind.

“Guest in Residence, to me, is also someone who is at home in themselves. I thought about my favourite kinds of people … the ones that make an effort to show up at any door, land in any country, sit down at any table, with a sense of comfort, and wonder for the people in front of them and the world around them.”