LOOK: Inside the new Ntwana ‘Episode’ collection

Hlagudi Junia, Maglera Doe Boy and Kefilwe Mabote for Ntwana. Picture: Paul Shiakallis.

Hlagudi Junia, Maglera Doe Boy and Kefilwe Mabote for Ntwana. Picture: Paul Shiakallis.

Published Jul 4, 2024


South African leather fashion brand Ntwana has dropped a new collection of stylish crocodile coats, pants and handbags.

Titled “Episode”, this collection celebrates craftsmanship by seeking adventure in nurturing the vibrant colours of the imagination.

Mikhail Brown, the founder of Ntwana, elaborated: “This capsule collection is our expanded offering of wardrobe essentials transcending seasonal limitations. Episode is inspired by indulgent consumption and connection through pain.

“Being isolated even amongst bodies. We at Ntwana believe that even in the most dire situations beauty can be appreciated.

“A story of a desire for freedom and adventure, stitching together a cabal of characters with the sole intention of liberating themselves. If how we love is how we live, then beauty is beloved, and freedom is an altar.”

Maglera Doe Boy for Ntwana. Picture: Paul Shiakallis.

Featured in the campaign are South Africa’s stylish individuals, including rapper Maglera Doe Boy, award-winning content creator Kefilwe Mabote, and fashion model Hlagudi Junia.

Maglera, known for his dapper style, dons a jumbo bomber jacket, and hyper pants whilst carrying the jumbo shopper tote bag.

“Leather-clad protagonists. A cluster of shadows, a mob of sirens, reeling on the edge of beauty, concealing what is known well, yet still whispered - romance, dreams, and the formless feelings where all the things meet.

“All these emerge from the night. From the darkness. The stars are always there but the sun must set her gaze for them to radiate their offerings - myth, maps, and the glistening promise of sweet infinite blackness,” explained the designer.

Available in three colours, black, brown and white, Brown said he wanted to embrace the balance of nature in this collection.