LOOK: Sjava's stylish collaboration with his favourite shoe brand

Sjava checking out the Omega x Sjava range.

Sjava checking out the Omega x Sjava range.

Published Jul 10, 2024


South African musician Sjava, real name Jabulani Hadebe, steps into fashion as he partners with Omega Footwear.

The multi-award-winning musician took matters into his own hands when he approached Omega for a collaboration. Omega is one of his favourite shoe brands.

As a person who’s on the move and constantly performing, Sjava said he loves Omega shoes because of the comfort.

He said the Omega x Sjava collaboration was exciting because it allowed him to express his style in a versatile way. As an artist, he liked to explore different styles by incorporating them into his Zulu traditional wear, which he adored.

Sjava for Omega. Picture: Supplied.

“I feel like my style has always been a blend of different trends, cultures and eras. I’m easily able to style a very traditional or cultural piece of clothing in an urban way.

“I enjoy fusing elements into my style and, for me, Omega has been a shoe that allows me to be versatile – I can wear it how ever and it’s still hot. It’s modern but, at the same time, represents the real style of yesterday.

“It’s urban and rural. It’s just timeless, and I’m excited for more people to discover Omega through this new range,” said the multi-platinum-selling songwriter.

When it comes to the shoe range, Sjava worked closely with the design team and his style is seen in one of the pairs, which consists of the “Amabhinca” (stylish Zulu persons) block towel colourful prints.

“This new range is really about passing on the style. There’s something for each generation,” he said.

The brand’s managing director, Adrian Maree, said the collaboration was more than just a partnership, it marked the beginning of a new generation for Omega Footwear.

The Sjava x Omega sandals. Picture: Supplied.

“Our sandals, once known as the ‘taxi-man shoe’ and a mark of status for the ‘well-to-do uncle,’ have evolved to become a cultural icon, embraced by celebrities and influencers across South Africa.

“The organic endorsement by stars like Sjava, Big Zulu, and Young Stunna, who chose Omega for its authenticity, highlights our brand’s deep connection with local culture,” said Maree.

“Our sandals have become a staple in streetwear culture, allowing the youth to express their individuality and heritage in innovative ways.

“This growth underscores the strength of township culture and its impact on fashion, music and dance, which have uniquely shaped South African identity.”

Besides fashion, Sjava went back to acting, playing the role of Mkhuseli on BET’s telenovela “The Queendom”.

Shot in the beautiful landscapes of Ukhahlamba (Drankensburg) in KwaZulu-Natal and the busy side of Tsakane township in Johannesburg, it follows the lives of the Royal family of Ukhahlamba battling for the throne.

“I had a nice role on ‘The Queendom’, I enjoyed it, playing the role of Mkhuseli, the Prince. He was based on Ukhahlamba while his brother, Mcebo, was based more in the city.

“He was working more with the people of Khahlamba. Mkhuseli is not really that different from Sjava as they both care about people,” he said.

The Sjava x Omega sandals styled the Amabhinca way.

Sjava wrapped the second leg of the “Isibuko Tour” with a two-day performance at the Joburg Theatre on July 12 and 13.

Released in January 2023, “Isibuko” is a platinum-selling album with more than 54.2 million streams globally.

Some of the songs on the album, including “Isoka”, hold a double platinum certification, while “Amavaka” and “Amakhehla” have platinum certifications. “Grounding”, “Kube Ngangazi”, “Thixo”, “Ubuhle Bendalo”, “Amaphiko”, “My Life”, “Iphisi”, “Dudlu”, “Ungavumi”, “Amanxeba”, “Akabuye”, “Ithuna” and “Time” have gold certifications.