Looking to add some healthy fat to your meals? This potato salad recipe with avonnaise is what you need

Potato salad with avonnaise. Picture: Supplied

Potato salad with avonnaise. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 31, 2023


Fats have had an unfortunately controversial reputation when it comes to nutrition and health.

Little do people know that fat is one of the most important nutrients our bodies crave, and is one of the three major macronutrients (along with carbohydrates and protein) that we need.

High-fat diets such as the ketogenic diet are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the associated health benefits.

Our bodies need fat to help give us energy, stay warm and absorb certain vitamins, but it can be tricky to get the balance right with the types and amount of fats we eat.

A good start is to try to cut down on saturated fats, such as those found in fatty meat, cream, cheese, and baked treats because these have been linked to high cholesterol and heart disease.

Instead include more unsaturated and omega fats in your diet where possible.

It is well-known that avocados are rich in healthy fats, which are an essential part of a balanced diet, and important for brain health, heart health and overall well-being.

Recent research confirms that avocados contain at least 16 fatty acids, with each offering unique health advantages. If you are looking to add some healthy fat to your meals then you have to bookmark this recipe courtesy of the South African Avocado Growers’ Association.

It is one of those recipes that you need especially with the festive season just around the corner.

Potato salad with avo-nnaise. Picture: Supplied

Potato salad with avonnaise

Serves: 4 - 6


For the avonnaise

2 avocados, peeled and chopped

50ml avocado oil

1 tsp smooth Dijon mustard

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 lemon, juiced and zest

Pinch of sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper

For the potato salad

500g peeled new potatoes, cooked and roughly chopped

1 large avocado, roughly chopped

Chopped chives to garnish

Freshly ground black pepper to garnish


To make the avonnaise, place all the ingredients in a jug and blend with a stick blender until smooth and pourable. Add a couple of teaspoons of cold water if necessary to reach a pourable consistency.

To assemble the salad, combine all the ingredients in a bowl and stir through a couple of tablespoons of avonnaise until the potatoes are well coated.

Spoon the salad into a bowl and garnish with roughly chopped avocado, chopped chives and freshly ground black pepper.