Miss SA Natasha Joubert: ‘Beauty pageants are still relevant’

Miss South Africa 2023, Natasha Joubert. Picture: Instagram

Miss South Africa 2023, Natasha Joubert. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 16, 2023


It’s already been a few days since Natasha Joubert was crowned Miss South Africa 2023 but the beauty queen still hasn’t fully processed her victory.

During a Radio 702 interview with presenter Bongani Bingwa on his breakfast show, the 65th Miss South Africa said that while she was feeling great about the win, it still had not settled in.

“How can I not feel great after Sunday night, but it definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. I can’t even compare myself back to 2020, I feel like this was a completely new and different Natasha and I think even just hearing that I had that second chance is something I wanted to show on that stage to people… I really hope people can take inspiration from that… I’m honoured that I got a second chance,” she said.

Despite the queen having so much to do for the year with her fashion brand, Natalia Jefferys, she said she would be focusing on her duties and responsibilities as Miss SA while her mother would step up to run their business.

“This year is going to be busy. There is a lot of plans I would love to implement… I run the business with my mother, so she will be involved, while I fulfil my duties.”

On her win, Joubert said: “It’s not mine alone. I couldn’t have done this without South Africa. It’s not only on Sunday night, but something that led up since Miss Universe…

“So on that stage, when I heard the crowd and their energy, it really did feel like I was doing it for them, so it made the night so much easier to go through.”

Speaking on the relevance of beauty pageants in modern society, she explained how entering changed her life.

“It’s changed my life, the opportunities I was given, the way I’ve changed as a person, how can it not be relevant? This is what we are doing for women. How can’t it be relevant when you are impacting and changing other people’s lives.

“If you look at the seven finalists standing on that stage we all looked different, we all spoke on something different, we all stood for something different.

“It showed inclusivity, through and through, and I think every single girl will find someone on that stage that they resonate with and look up to.

“That’s what the Miss SA organisation is pushing towards… If you watch ‘Crown Chasers’ you would see how vulnerable, open, transparent and relatable we all were, and people will look at it (pageants) differently.”