Parents go viral for their reactions to bullying: SA mom exposes daughter’s misdeeds, US dad fights bully’s father

Bullying can lead to fear of going to school or participating in school activities. Picture: Keira Burton/Pexels

Bullying can lead to fear of going to school or participating in school activities. Picture: Keira Burton/Pexels

Published May 21, 2024


We share everything on TikTok, even things most consider trivial. This app is known for its wide range of content but recently two parents made headlines for tackling bullying.

For years, we’ve known that bullying has lasting effects on victims, sometimes leading them to take their own lives.

A US dad and a South African mom are going viral on social media after sharing their responses to bullying.

The South African mom discovered her daughter was a bully, while the US dad found out his daughter was being bullied and the school was not helpful. Sohe decided to take matters into his own hands.

Kavi, as he’s known on TikTok, posted a video claiming he confronted and fought the father of the 7-year-old girl who bullied his daughter. In the video, Kavi (@selfrighteous__) explains how he and his brothers attacked the girl’s father while she watched.

The child may experience increased anxiety, sadness, and a dip in self-esteem. Picture: RDNE Stock project/Pexels

Kavi said there were multiple attempts on his behalf to end the bullying. He shared that he tried to end the bullying in other ways before resorting to a fight.

He allegedly “sent letters home” and “had a meeting” with the girl and her parents. Still, the child allegedly “wouldn’t listen”.

“To the 7-year-old girl who had to watch me and my brothers jump her daddy at the school, I’m sorry. I know that was probably a traumatising experience for you. But we kept asking you to stop bullying my daughter, and you wouldn’t listen,” the dad said in his viral TikTok video.

“So now, you know your actions have consequences and since you are too young to receive those consequences, you had to watch your daddy take those consequences. Get some therapy, you’ll be aight,” Kavi said in the video.

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The TikTok video that pulled 12 million views and more than 28 000 comments on the platform has since been deleted and stitched over and over with netizens sharing their views.

Some approved of the way the situation was handled while others didn’t.

In another viral video making waves locally, Roxxane Bloem discovered her daughter had been bullying kids at school. Bloem found text messages on her daughter’s phone that showed her being mean to other kids.

@roxy.bloem My advice, check yalls kids phones, I warned her multiple times I will embarrass her publicly for bullying, today she learned it was not an empty threat! #nobullying #kids #consequences ♬ original sound - Roxanne Bloem

In her video caption, Bloem wrote: “Found texts on her phone of her bullying kids!! IDGAF what anyone says but not in my house!!”

Singing in the video, she said: "This is the consequence, consequence, consequence, consequence of her actions, this is what happens when you bully people, when you’re mean, send horrible texts to people, I warned you.

“You have no idea the type of homes people are growing up in, and then you have somebody like you being mean and disrespectful. I warned you, you do not speak to other kids like that. I told you if I ever catch you… this is what will happen.”

In the video, Bloem stressed that she had already discussed the importance of kindness and the issue of bullying with her daughter. The young girl, estimated to be in primary school, is seen cleaning out the garage as her punishment.

“I have taught you the importance of being kind to kids because for some kids, school might be their peace, friends might be their peace because their homes might not be their peace but you decide to do the opposite of what you were taught so you will learn,” Bloem said.

The video received over 100 000 likes. Some praised Bloem for addressing her daughter’s actions, while others felt she was too harsh.

The comment section was a mix of approval and disapproval, with some sharing relatable stories and others applauding Bloem for making it a teachable moment and explaining her actions.

@CJ said: “From a teacher … You’re my MOM OF THE YEAR🤗 Well done mommy.”

@Leniece Tarryn Bloom said: “Oh Mama this touched me, my daughter was a victim of bullying n you just took this punishment to another level, well done I salute you.”

@Rosie said: “As a victim of bullying & still suffering from those words, this is amazing to see! I appreciate you & she eventually will too❤️❤️.”

@Siphesihle Linda Nyo said: “ It’s you singing consequences 😂😂😂.”

Another user said: “No, she isn’t. embarrassing ur kids publicly is so backwards, its literally bullying her yourself. Reprimand her in private. Internet is forever."

To which Bloem said, she’s come across varying responses to the way she handled her situation.

“It’s easy to make comments like this when you’re not a parent who is dealing with a child being bullied at school, when you’re not a parent that has to come and comfort their child every day as they’re being bullied at school or fight every morning for your child to go to school due to fear of bullying.”