Paul Pogba collaborates with sunglasses brand

Paul Pogba. Picture: Supplied

Paul Pogba. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 25, 2024


Sports and fashion are merging at a high speed, something that was evident at Vogue World 2024: Paris where much of the focus was on fashion and athletes.

French footballer Paul Pogba has recently partnered with an eyewear brand, CHIMI. The custom eyewear collection of two sunglasses, “Paul” and “Pogba”, celebrates the footballer’s journey, his highs and lows, victories and setbacks and everything in between.

Rooted in the feeling of moving between darkness and light, gloom and joy, failure and success – and a readiness to experience whatever is next – the campaign was inspired by Pogba’s current state of mind as he awaits life-changing verdicts on whether he stands a chance back in football or not.

“It’s been fantastic to work with CHIMI and Charlie on making our vision come to life with ‘Anticipation,’” the midfielder explained in a statement.

“While I’m currently laser-focused on my ongoing off-field challenges, getting this opportunity to keep my mind busy and express myself creatively has been a welcomed addition to my current day-to-day,” he added.

Meanwhile, Charlie Lindström, co-founder and creative director at CHIMI, said working with the 2018 Fifa World Cup holder has been a phenomenal experience.

“It has been an entirely unique experience working closely with such a lovely spirit like Paul on the ‘Anticipation’ collection. CHIMI represents characters of all kinds and the duality within them.”

“This includes the people who have stumbled and those on a journey to reclaim their narrative. We are really proud of how the campaign captures the highs and lows of life – and a readiness to experience whatever is next.”

In other news, Pogba has denied all accusations against him and has appealed the recent ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.