Rachel Kolisi shares benefits of social media timeout

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 21, 2024


RACHEL KOLISI, wife of rugby star Siya Kolisi, has returned to social media after a three-week break.

While three weeks might not seem like a long time to some, for influencers and those deeply embedded in the digital world, it can feel like an eternity.

Rachel’s hiatus served as a period of much-needed respite and reflection, as she shared with her followers.

“I took a very unintentional but MUCH needed break from social media. And did a whole lot of praying ⬆️ ❤️Feels kind of awkward doing a post again actually 😂," she said.

She shared that during her time away, she engaged in prayer and introspection, which left her feeling refreshed and revitalised.

"I have some amazing things coming up that I’m excited to share with you all. But mostly here to encourage you. If you haven’t taken a break from SM lately – I HIGHLY recommend it. The chaos around us will continue, peace has almost become a privilege, prioritize it."

Her message resonates with many, as taking a break from social media can be crucial for mental health.

According to a study done by “social champ”, constant exposure to curated images, news, and opinions often leads to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and depression.

Social media platforms frequently showcase the highlights of people’s lives, creating a skewed perception that can make users feel their lives are less exciting or successful.

A break allows individuals to step back and recognise the artificiality of these portrayals, fostering a healthier self-image.

Moreover, the relentless news cycle, often dominated by crises and tragedies, can contribute to a sense of helplessness and heightened anxiety.

Stepping away from social media reduces exposure to this negative news cycle, helping individuals maintain a more balanced emotional state.

The pressure to maintain an active online presence, gain likes, and receive positive feedback can be mentally exhausting. A break can alleviate this pressure, allowing individuals to focus on self-acceptance rather than seeking external validation.

Taking a break from social media can significantly improve mental health by reducing feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness. It promotes better sleep by eliminating the disruptive influence of late-night scrolling, leading to healthier sleep patterns.

Without the distraction of social media, individuals can focus more on work, studies, or hobbies, enhancing productivity and a sense of accomplishment.

The break also allows for greater self-awareness, providing time for introspection and reflection on personal goals and values.

Lastly, reducing exposure to the constant stream of updates helps alleviate information overload, leading to better decision-making and a clearer mind.