SA designer bridges the gap between tradition and modernity with Amasiko collection

Amasiko by Siphelele Ntombela. Picture: Instagram.

Amasiko by Siphelele Ntombela. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jul 8, 2024


South African visionary designer Siphelele Ntombela is on his way to the top. He recently participated in the SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Awards Programme to receive tailored mentorship and business skills development support.

Ntombela, who launched Renaissance Designs in 2019, says he wanted to bridge the gap between African tradition and contemporary fashion.

“Entrepreneurship has taught me a lot and built my character,” says Siphelele. When I started my business, I was unclear what I was doing.

“However, with the right support, I have developed better business skills that have helped me improve my lifestyle and take care of my family.”

In his autumn/winter 24 collection, Amasiko, Ntombela said it was inspired by the Nguni tribes and their rich customs aimed at seeking guidance and good fortune from their ancestors.

Amasiko by Siphelele Ntombela. Picture: Instagram.

“Through this collection, the brand aims to remind the youth of the significance of practising these customs as a means of preserving the cultural heritage. Each design in the collection likely incorporates elements that reflect the traditions, symbols, and aesthetic sensibilities of the Nguni tribes.

“This could include intricate patterns, vibrant colours, traditional motifs, and perhaps even specific materials or techniques that hold cultural significance,” said Ntombela.

“By infusing these elements into contemporary fashion pieces, the collection serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, allowing the younger generation to connect with their cultural roots in a meaningful way.

“It also serves as a form of cultural preservation, ensuring that the traditions and customs of the Nguni tribes continue to be celebrated and passed down through generations.”

Ntombela has collaborated with various brands, including Jockey. He has also showcased at Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week, South African Fashion Week, and Design Indaba and earned several nominations at the Twyg Awards.