Should restaurants charge ‘vomit fees’ for guests taking bottomless mimosas too far?

A glass of mimosa. Picture: Pexels Sabel Blanco

A glass of mimosa. Picture: Pexels Sabel Blanco

Published Oct 23, 2023


A debate has surfaced online on whether restaurants should charge “vomit fees” for guests taking bottomless mimosas too far.

This comes after several restaurants in California, US, have implemented “vomit fees” during their bottomless brunches to discourage patrons from becoming excessively intoxicated and subsequently causing disturbances by vomiting on the premises.

The “bottomless brunch” phenomenon, which sees customers drink limitless alcoholic drinks within a set time period while they tuck into smashed avocado on toast and eggs served all kinds of ways, has been a key fixture in the social calendar of many Gen Z and millennials for some time.

However, a growing number of restaurants in the state are starting to crack down on those who overdo it at bottomless brunches and are issuing a “vomit charge” of $50 (R950) to cover cleaning costs.

— Jasmine (@jassssmarie_) October 13, 2023

According to SFGate, Kitchen Story in Oakland has started charging a vomit fee to anyone who throws up in the public area of their restaurant.

Their warning sign reads: “Dear all mimosa lovers, Please drink responsibly and know your limits. A $50 cleaning fee will automatically be included in your tab when you throw up in the public areas. Thanks so much for your understanding.”

However, the owner of the restaurant said that he has not charged anyone the clean-up fee yet, but he added that the sign sure works as a deterrent.

Meanwhile, it is not only California, as a restaurant in Singapore also recently garnered attention online after a viral video showed a woman arguing with restaurant staff, who insisted she pay a $15 (R280) cleaning fee after her intoxicated friend vomited.

This topic has caused quite the conversation online – and has many wondering if other restaurants will follow in their “vomit fee” footsteps.

The only advice we could really give is to drink responsibly, know your limit and drink some water.

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