Vogue 's Coco Gauff cover illicits mixed reactions about the photographer

Coco Gauff for Vogue. Picture: Annie Leibovitz.

Coco Gauff for Vogue. Picture: Annie Leibovitz.

Published Mar 7, 2024


Most sportswomen hardly dress up. They spend most of their time in sports gear but when they do clean up, they do it nicely.

And it’s great to see fashion magazines like Vogue spotlight sportswomen by putting them on the cover because they, too, deserve to shine.

For its April issue, Vogue put US Open championships tennis player Coco Gauff on the cover, and there were mixed reactions.

While many were happy and inspired, others are worried about how the cover looks.

“A star for sure in many ways! Does not have the overwhelming game Serena had at her age, but will still win many big titles in the months and years ahead. If her personality stays as it is, she will earn a lot of money just being herself,” said @nickvid007.

Vogue April cover featuring Coco Gauff. Picture: Annie Leibovitz.

Fans pointed out that while Annie Leibovitz is a great photographer, she does slack a bit when it comes to photographing covers featuring black artists because the Simone Biles’ cover elicited a similar response.

“I know Annie is a great photographer, but I'm starting to think that she just isn’t right the person to shoot these black female athletes,” commented lifestyle content creator, Foyin.

Again, just like Biles’ cover, most people complained about Gauff’s cover, too.

@stechu___ said: “Pls (please) what does Leibovitz have on Wintour, because why are they still picking up jobs to make black people look rigour mortis for US Vogue??? It’s not right!”

Another X user, @pamster102, wrote: “Annie Leibowitz must be stopped when it comes to black people on Vogue covers, once and for all. Sucking the life and joy out of the melanin is criminal.

On Instagram, @kochstephaniekoch said: “First, Coco looks incredible. Second, please stop hiring Annie Leibovitz to photograph black women. Coco is a luminous goddess, and AL managed to totally flattened her tones. Hire POC photographers, Jesus.”