WATCH: Chrisean shows off her stomach two days after giving birth

Chrisean during pregnancy. Picture: Instagram.

Chrisean during pregnancy. Picture: Instagram.

Published Sep 7, 2023


American rapper Chrisean Malone, popularly known as Chriseanrock, has been the talk of the town following the birth of her son.

Chrisean gave birth to a baby boy named Chrisean (named after her) on September 3 during an Instagram live broadcast.

Taking to X, the mother of one shared a photo of her baby boy; over 8.8 million people viewed the picture, while over 300K X users liked it.

While people complimented Chrisean Junior, others took the opportunity to rub salt in BlueFace’s wound that he also met his son on social media like the rest.

“The fact Blueface seeing his baby for the first time right along with us is…,” said @gorgeousglamher.

Blueface was not invited to the hospital to be with Chrisean while she gave birth, and has been having a meltdown on social media, consoling himself with his other baby mama.

Meanwhile, Chrisean is still with her family. However, she shocked everyone when she did an Instagram live broadcast showing her stomach.

“So, I’m about to start professional boxing asap, and I’m going to the studio tonight. I’m excited. Do I have postpartum depression? Hell no. Life is great. The belly is still a little bit pudgy and saggy, but this is day two.

“By tomorrow, I’m gonna have my six-pack,” she said.

While many people commended her for a quick snap-back, her baby daddy wasn’t pleased, he even threatened to get full custody of Chrisean jr but later deleted the tweet.

Others were worried she’s too focused on bouncing back instead of bonding with her baby.

“Instead of bonding with her newborn baby that’s not even 24 hours in, she worried about showing her ‘snap-back’ for the gram,” said @iAdoreYouBritt.

Another X user @Adaababeee said: “I hate the whole ‘snap-back’ topic cause it just makes the women that don’t get their old body back as fast feel like s*** about themselves. After creating a whole human, the last thing you should be worried about is ‘snapping back’.”

This makes sense because social media has made mothers worry about their looks after giving birth, which is not a priority. The most important thing after giving birth is bonding with your child and allowing your body to heal.

Don’t be pressured into snapping back because some people have great genes, their bodies will quickly snap back and you wouldn’t even realise they had just had babies.

Others, like Chrisean, are athletes, so their bodies are bound to snap back.

And even if you don’t have abs or a flat stomach, that’s still okay. As long as you and your baby are healthy, that’s all that matters.

Embrace your fupa (big stomach) and stretch marks and C-section scar (if you have it) because those are the reminders of a beautiful life you once created with your body.