WATCH: Foodies disturbed after learning a little-known fact about eating raw oysters

Published Jul 2, 2024


Did you know a raw oyster is still alive as you eat it?

Known as one of the sea’s most intriguing creatures, oysters have become valuable not only in the marine ecosystem but also in kitchens and palates worldwide.

There are many opinions on this polarising seafood. Fans praise oysters as chewy, distinctive, and fresh-flavoured.

Oysters are commonly eaten raw with a few drops of lemon juice squeezed on them. Their nutritional content is largely unaffected by any cooking or preparation methods. Raw oysters are also an abundant source of several vitamins and minerals.

They are a particularly good source of vitamin B12, which research has indicated plays a big role in keeping our brain healthy. They work well in pasta, soups, stews, marinated on the grill and much more.

When it comes to savouring oysters, one cook has left seafood lovers horrified after sharing a little-known fact about eating them.

Taking to TikTok under the Lenny’s Clam Bar and Restaurant page, the cook said that when we indulge in the shellfish delicacies we are eating oysters while they are still alive.

Yes, you read that right, they are not dead but are still alive – even as we add sauce or lemon to them.

Oysters have become valuable not only in the marine ecosystem, but also in kitchens and palates worldwide. Picture: Pexels Rachel Claire

Foodies were left in total disbelief over the revelation.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than a million times since the time of publication, the cook can be seen in the kitchen of the restaurant.

He begins to prepare a plate of oysters as someone behind the camera asks: “Is it true that when you eat oysters they are alive?”

And, to the horror of many foodies, he replied: “Of course! When you open them up fresh, they are alive.”

He also noted that most times, if you squeeze lemon on them, you will see them jiggle and move.

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Left stunned by the revelation, a lot of people did not hold back in the comments.

One person wrote: “I did not need to know or see this.”

Another shared: “I was today years old and I promise you, I wish I never learnt this.”

While a third said: “I’ve been chugging down oysters my whole life. I didn’t know they were still alive.”

Someone else posted: “I never ate oysters before and now that I know they’re still alive I’ll never try them.”