WATCH: Gordon Ramsay slammed for R400 ‘full Scottish’ burger missing key elements

Gordon Ramsay’s 'full Scottish burger'. Picture: Gordon Ramsay X

Gordon Ramsay’s 'full Scottish burger'. Picture: Gordon Ramsay X

Published Jan 19, 2024


When it comes to roasting people for their food, one chef instantly comes to mind.

No one does it better than Gordon Ramsay. But sometimes, he too gets burnt.

This time, it’s the Scots who have been doing the roasting, as they criticised the television chef for his new burger’s lack of authentic Scottish fare, being sold at one of his burger restaurants, Street Burger.

But when Ramsay shared a clip of it being made to his social media platforms earlier this week, it got absolutely bashed.

The clip begins as the brioche bun is placed at the top before the camera changes to a single slice of Lorne sausage being cooked and sprinkled with salt. A spatula flips the juicy meat before an egg is cracked and placed into an egg ring.

As the food cooks, a metal tray is lined with Gordon Ramsay Street Burger paper and a brioche bun is placed on the sheet before a slice of lettuce and fresh tomato is added.

A hollowed-out hash brown is placed below the perfectly cooked sausage, which is then topped with the fried egg.

Priced at £18 (R400, including a side of fries), Ramsay shared the clip to social media with the caption: “Try the full Scottish at Gordon Ramsay Street Burger Edinburgh – with Lorne sausage, a hash brown, and an over-easy egg.”

Although there were comments praising the creation, others complained it lacked key ingredients to really make it a ‘full Scottish’.

“Full Scottish with no tattie scone, haggis, or black pudding, and with a hash brown which is not actually full Scottish content. Grow up,” wrote one person in the comments.

While another added: "Nae tatties?? Nae black pudding??? With Lettuce?? That really is not a Scottish Breakfast!"

"C'mon should be Tattie Scone instead of hash brown," a third pointed out.

A fourth commented: "Lettuce at breakfast!!! Have a serious word with yourself."