WATCH: Kim Kardashian was over the moon as Saint accompanied Lionel Messi to the field

Kim Kardashian with her son Saint West at a soccer match. Picture: Instagram.

Kim Kardashian with her son Saint West at a soccer match. Picture: Instagram.

Published Feb 26, 2024


Kim Kardashian may be accused of many things but there’s one thing you can’t take away from her - she is an active, present mother.

When it comes to her children’s interests, hobbies and talents, she doesn’t compromise, she gives them her full support.

With her son Saint interested in sport, the businesswoman has been taking him to most sporting events, especially soccer.

On the weekend, Saint was a player mascot for Lionel Messi. Messi’s team, Inter Miami, was playing against LA Galaxy when Saint escorted him to the pitch.

“Saint walking Messi out on the field tonight at the LA Galaxy vs Inter Miami game!!! He is living the absolute dream!” said the proud mom of four.

However, only some followers were happy while others said Saint didn’t deserve to walk Messi to the pitch.

“I remember a time when these used to be underprivileged kids who could never dream of this opportunity, but money can buy you anything, I guess,” said @lekkerjayson.

Saint West has met Cristiano Ronaldo. Picture: Instagram.

Another X user, @FocusProb, said: “Would be awesome if some kid actually deserving of it got that opportunity. Not someone who was incredibly lucky to be born to billionaires.”

Others defended Kardashian by saying there’s nothing wrong with her using her resources to advance her children. If they had the money, they would do the same.

“Having money is everything, guys. These kids are literally living the dream fr (for real). I want this for my kids, everything they want, they’ll receive,” said @Sindi_Fleur.

Another X user, @Yestanforlife, said: “This is the reason why money is way effing important, l want to be able to give my kids the world if I decide to have them.”

Saint has met several top soccer players, including Neymar Junior, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.