WATCH: The ‘skincare breakfast’ craze on TikTok promises radiant skin

Strong antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables aid in defending the skin against cellular damage brought on by free radicals. Picture from Pexels/Cottonbro Studio

Strong antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables aid in defending the skin against cellular damage brought on by free radicals. Picture from Pexels/Cottonbro Studio

Published Sep 15, 2023


The phrase ‘’the most important meal of the day’’ is frequently used, and with good reason. Breakfast replenishes your glucose levels to increase your energy and alertness while also supplying other crucial nutrients needed for optimum health.

But what is skincare breakfast?

Skincare enthusiasts on TikTok have extended their washing, toning, and moisturising procedures to include mealtimes, customising their diets to nourish their skin from the inside out.

On the well-liked social media platform, self-care gurus are suddenly promoting something dubbed the ‘’skincare breakfast,“ a morning meal schedule that is believed to ensure a flawless complexion.

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One content producer, Alice C. Sun, shares skin-friendly advice with her followers, including recipes for moisturising tofu salads, glowing skin mocktails and other healing broths.

Sun recently boasted that she had perfected the skincare breakfast, which consisted of salmon, kimchi, rice, miso soup and cucumbers, to her audience of more than 340,000.

Sun stated she starts her day with miso soup, crispy skin-on salmon fillets, kimchi, shredded cabbage, rice, and cucumber topped with miso paste while displaying a plate of delights prepared for a dinner.

In a video that has received over 700,000 views and attracted the attention of hundreds of other artists, she claimed to have mastered the art of the ‘’skincare breakfast.’’

The salmon gives ‘’a protein source that's hydrating and anti-inflammatory,’’ the miso soup adds additional hydration, and ‘’basically everything else’’, includes ‘’gut-friendly probiotics,’’ according to the US-based digital marketer who has dry, sensitive skin.

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Sun also suggests bone broth to obtain a glow, okra to treat acne, grass jelly to reduce swelling, and almond milk chia pudding to soothe sun damage (though it must be noted that the latter won't do much to mitigate the effects of prolonged exposure to intense UV radiation).

Other TikTokers have also posted their own recipes for a skincare breakfast, ranging from overnight oats with probiotic yoghurt and spiced stewed apples to shots of turmeric and ginger.

With more than 514,000 followers on Instagram, Isabelle Lux described her glowing skin breakfast, which included coconut-based yoghurt, pumpkin and chia seeds, berries and probiotics.

As for keeping her skin free of blemishes, Millie Mae, another creative, swears by her regular bowls of muesli in the morning.

One proponent of skincare breakfasts commented in the comments section, ‘’My skin has never been so glowy,’’ while another claimed that changing her diet in this way had ‘’made a huge difference’’ to her complexion.

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The majority of films feature healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy-free milk or protein powders, supplements, and fats like eggs, nut butter, olive oil and pulses, grains, seeds or nuts.

Your skin's health is related to the condition of your stomach, particularly its microbiome. Therefore, it's always a good idea to check within if you're having trouble with annoying skin-related issues that aren't responding to topical treatments.

The first step is to heal your digestive system. Some of these influencers' preferred foods for repairing the gut include bone broth, collagen powder, and a source of fibre.

It turns out that it's not nearly as easy as it seems. The usage of any particular meal to benefit skin is not supported by science, according to many specialists on TikTok. They advise a more holistic approach rather than consuming particular foods to achieve particular skincare effects.

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Unfortunately, there isn't a miracle treatment for healthier skin (not yet, at least), so despite the possibility of being delicious, skincare breakfasts won't magically cure your eczema or stop your outbreaks.

The best course of action is to eat healthily, take care of yourself in general, and always remember to remove your make-up before going to bed. You can then experiment to see what works for you.

Wrinkles and age spots are inevitable, but ageing is also enhanced by overexposure to the sun, tanning beds, harsh soaps, chemicals and a poor diet.

The answer is to fine-tune your skincare regime and modify lifestyle factors while optimising your nutrition by eating a varied, balanced diet that includes antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, healthy fats from oily fish and nuts and adequate hydration.