WATCH: Young couple caught getting steamy on big screen at MCG cricket Test

Picture: Pexels.

Picture: Pexels.

Published Jan 5, 2024


Love can make you do wild things, and sometimes, it’s just downright crazy!

Take this couple at the MCG cricket Test, for example – they were caught getting a bit too cosy - while seated inside the stadium.

To make things even more interesting, the camera zoomed in on them, and the crowd went wild with cheers.

The video hit social media, went viral, and even caught the attention of Australia's cricket legends. Imagine their surprise when they realised there were cameras around!

The footage captured the moment of surprise when the love birds realised that they were on the big screen.

In the video, the girl leaps away, while her partner proceeded to walk down the stairs, while covering his face with his jumper.

Now that’s a cricket match moment no one saw coming.

@Kinnzayyy took to X: “Wait a minute what did we all just see? Yet you are complaining about missed catches? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤡”

Adam Collins, SEN Cricket commentator, told Yahoo! Sports that the young man received “a standing ovation from the crowd” as he walked off, as he left his partner in the seated area of the stadium, to deal with the crowd’s reaction.

Meanwhile, a social media user shared another clip that reminded her of a similar incident, which also happened to take place at a cricket match.

Well, so take notes: When at a cricket match, or any game really, maybe stick to cheering and leave the bedroom antics for, well, the bedroom.