Wendy ‘The Selector’ Ntinezo shares why she prefers vegan products over normal make-up

Wendy The Selector. Picture: Instagram.

Wendy The Selector. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jul 4, 2024


Most people who live a fast-paced life have challenges caring for their skin. And for those in the entertainment industry like Wendy “The Selector” Ntinezo, a DJ and music fanatic, looking good for every event counts.

As such, she spends at least 80% of her time wearing make-up, meaning her skin is usually covered in foundation; which is why she uses vegan make-up.

However, that is not the main reason. Her skin condition has forced her to be cautions about the products she uses.

“It’s important for me to wear vegan make-up because I struggle with extremely dry skin and I suffer from eczema. I need to be careful about what I apply,” she said.

The fashion designer/ producer added that because of her skin condition, she preferred La Crique, which is made of 98% natural ingredients infused with active skincare components.

Wendy Ntinezo. Picture: Instagram.

“My favourite product is the glow primer. Everything about it! You won’t only have healthy skin but it really hydrates the skin,” she said.

However, no matter how much she loves make-up, she doesn’t go to bed with it and advises others to follow suit.

“I would definitely advise people to wash off their make-up before they go to bed. This helps the skin to breathe and you can avoid unnecessary skin problems by just removing make-up before bed,” she said.

Ntinezo also shared her top three make-up tips.

1. Take care of your skin, make-up is not for covering but more to enhance what’s already there.

2. ⁠Wash off your make-up or get yourself face wipes if you are lazy.

3. ⁠When you look good you feel good. Make sure you take that with you as a lady. Always try to feel good before you step out.

Ntinezo is also the founder and creative director of Blackmerge TV, a fashion focused company that does fashion film production, style direction, wardrobe hire for productions and wardrobe styling.